Important tips for when playing at an online casino

Gambling is so attractive to all of us because of the level of entertainment it offers us. Thus, we can choose to relax and have fun in front of our favorite games at an online casino, remotely, whenever we want. What intrigues us all the most at gambling is the chance to win. This aspect, although the luck is rather random, brings a high degree of adrenaline, which makes the whole process betting extremely fun. For some people I know, online casino winnings are a dream come true. Others, however, make out of this a prolific career. What separates professionals from casual players is the ability to filter different variables at the same time and avoid unnecessary risks. If you want to know how you can turn your online casino game into a successful one, we have made a list of tips to remember, so effective in gambling.

Online Casino Tips: Control your Budget

The most important first aspect of the game Gambling is obviously based on luck. Which is why, regardless of the casino games you choose to play, you can’t draw a sure trajectory that will show you how the game will develop. As a result, your betting budget is the most important detail you need to think about.

Set a budget and stick to it no matter what.

First of all, what you need to do is set a special budget for gambling betting. It must be established apart from the other needs related to daily life, without endangering the financial balance of you and your family. Choose a certain period of time (a month of play) and set the necessary budget for it. Professional players who manage to make a career out of betting know that all the winnings accumulated during the game do not enter the game budget. And this detail gives them a profit margin. So when you have reached the maximum budget limit, you must stop betting. You will remain with your winnings and that’s great! You should bet exactly as much as you can afford to lose. Once you have established the amount you can afford to invest, you need to know that this is also what you can afford to lose. Although there are various well-developed tactics and strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning, do not forget that luck plays a vital role in your outcome. As a result, this budget must not jeopardize your financial balance. Calculate your bets based on your budget and the time you want to spend on gambling. Our recommendation is to start with low stakes, in order to have an extended game session, as a result, more fun.

Online Casino Tips: Never borrow money

A huge mistake that novice players make is to borrow money when they have used up their entire game budget. And here is the line between the ability to control your betting game and the complete loss of control, which can lead to countless problems. Remember that you play for fun, to have fun and make every effort to win the much dreamed jackpots. Which is why it is essential not to disturb your peace and balance outside of gambling, regardless of your mood. Online gambling should be fun!

Online Casino Tips: Stay positive and optimistic

As I mentioned earlier, online gambling betting is perceived as a fun and relaxing activity. But the big stakes bring in addition to the adrenaline that we all look for, and a lot of stress. And if we add to this the pressure of big losses, we have only a small step left to make wrong decisions. The emotional balance of a gambler is his way of protecting himself and his earnings. So, a rational and calm thinking, without relying on impulse, will always be your ally at the virtual game table. For example, regardless of the outcome of your bets, you need to stay calm and positive without making drastic decisions. Many players, after recording a considerable number of consecutive losses or gains, decide to increase the stakes, exceed the established budget or borrow money, to recover the losses or to be able to make up for the gains. All these actions, based on a momentary emotional impulse, are not rationally thought out and can create huge problems for you.

Online Casino Tips: Keep a game log

The game log is the best friend of a professional gambler. What we recommend you do. This will help you in doing a proper game analysis. Record each betting session – the bet budget, the types of bets and stakes for each game, the time invested and the results obtained. After a while, you will be able to analyze the efficiency of your game and it will be very clear to you which aspects need to be improved.

Online Casino Tips: Choose only the games you know

The games you choose to invest in are also important. Make sure you understand all the rules for the game you want, the types of bets and the chances of winning – the RTP odds. When it comes to online slots, everything works pretty straightforward. But if you are a fan of table games such as roulette, poker or blackjack, here you have to make sure you know the rules, different types of bets. Moreover, it recommends that you carefully study the game strategies developed for each one, try them and improve them. Adapt your style of play according to the results and do not take unnecessary risks. When you bet on casino games, you rely on your luck, but to make a successful career out of it, you need something more. Read about the betting techniques for the chosen game, test these strategies and never bring your pride to the game table, real or virtual.

Remember to have fun but focus your attention on all those little details that can guarantee you success. Always stay open and positive, set a gain in your mind and do not be discouraged during your journey towards it, a successful career in gambling involves time, trust and a lot of passion. Have fun!

How does the brain find out almost instantly that the tea is too hot?

The tongue has a complex mechanism for informing the brain about contact with something hot, such as tea. The same mechanism is pretty fast and efficient. There are a multitude of nerve endings on your tongue that detect temperature. As soon as you take a sip of that hot tea, these endings are activated, alerting the brain.

Here’s how the process works, in detail.

When the temperature of the tea is higher than 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit (43 ° Celsius), a certain protein is activated in the cell membrane of the nerves mentioned above. Specifically, the activation of the protein (called TRPV1) means that it opens a channel in the cell membrane through which calcium ions will move.

The movement of calcium ions has the effect of transmitting a nerve impulse that is received by the brain as pain and heat. This way you are warned that the tea is too hot and you should stop drinking. As you have noticed, if you have ingested, hastily, a larger amount of hot tea (or other product), the burning effect on the tongue is maintained for a longer period. Interestingly, certain foods, such as hot peppers, use the cellular mechanism mentioned to activate the same sensation of heat and pain, although it has nothing to do with high temperature. It is considered that the fact that we feel like capsaicin, the chemical compound present in spicy foods, is an accident of evolution. For a detailed explanation of why hot food gives us a burning sensation, see this Youtube video.

Why do we get vaccinated in the shoulder with the Covid19 vaccine?

Those who were vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus but also those who did not observed that the vaccination was done in the shoulder. Specifically, in a shoulder muscle called the deltoid.

Why do we get vaccinated in the shoulder with the Covid-19 vaccine?

At this point you are probably asking yourself what’s so special about this muscle? Not all vaccines are given into the shoulder muscle (intramuscular injection). Some, such as the rotavirus vaccine, are given orally. Others are given just under the skin or subcutaneously, such as the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. However, many others, such as the anti-COVID-19, are injected into the muscles.

Why are muscles so important?

Here are the benefits of muscle for vaccination: muscle tissue contains important immune cells, which can recognize the antigen (small segments of the virus or bacterium that are introduced into the body through the vaccine, to stimulate the immune system). In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine (some of them, such as Pfizer or Moderna), no antigen is introduced, since it is a mRNA vaccine. In essence, the messenger RNA vaccine produced by the two companies mentioned above injects messenger RNA into the body in order to create the SARS-CoV-2 virus-specific S-type protein. Immune cells in muscles collect these antigens and transport them through the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes contain several immune cells that identify the antigens introduced by vaccination and begin the process of producing antibodies. Lymph nodes are located near the vaccination site. In the case of deltoid vaccination, lymph nodes are found in the underarm area. Muscle tissue keeps vaccine reactions (local inflammation and redness) localized. If the vaccine is given in an area with adipose tissue (fat), the likelihood of more extensive irritation and inflammation increases, because this type of tissue has a reduced blood flow. In addition, it means poor absorption of the vaccine components.

A final argument regarding the area where the Covid-19 vaccine is given relates to the immediate availability of the shoulder for vaccination. Having been vaccinated on our feet would have led to some complications, especially when it comes to filming / demonstrative photography of the vaccination act (joke!).

These being said, it’s everyone’s option to get vaccinated or not… Good luck!

The girl who was born from a cryogenic embryo frozen 28 years ago

A little girl born on October 26, 2020 in the American state of Tennessee entered the history books after she was born from an embryo that underwent a cryogenic process 28 years ago. Molly Everette Gibson’s embryo was cryogenized on October 14, 1992 and was stored in a liquid nitrogen tank until February 2020. This was the longest period of time spent by a frozen embryo before it was successfully implanted.

Molly Everette Gibson. ImageCredit: CNN

On February 12, 2020, after the gradual thawing process was completed, the embryo was transferred to the uterus of the future mother, Tina Gibson. Ironically, she was only a year old when Molly’s embryo. This means, at least theoretically, that the mother and daughter are almost the same age, although they are separated by a generation. Molly Everette Gibson was born perfectly healthy, and now she can boast of the title of being the “oldest” child ever born. At the time of birth, the girl weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces (3 kilograms).

The two sisters. ImageCredit: Haleigh Crabtree Photography

By coming into the world, Molly managed to break the record held by her older sister, Emma, who was born in 2017 from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years. Molly and Emma are also sisters from a genetic point of view, the embryos of the two being donated by their biological parents, who did not want to reveal their identity, according to Science Alert.

At this point you should know that, theoretically, embryos are viable indefinitely. Tina Gibson became pregnant with both Molly and Emma through the National Embryo Donation Center, a nonprofit center in Knoxville, USA. The center keeps cryogenic embryos that remained unused from patients who have resorted to in-vitro-fertilization. Families wishing to give birth to a child can adopt unused embryos, which are later “transferred” to the womb of the adoptive mother.

Before the births of the two sisters, very little was known about the viability of embryos kept for a long time. But Molly and Emma’s cases prove that embryos do not have an “expiration date.” According to embryologist Carol Sommerfelt from the National Embryo Donation Center, Knoxville, TN, about 75% of the donated embryos survive the process of thawing and transfer, and between 25 and 30% of the implants are successfully completed.


Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could be the first Samsung phone with a selfie camera under the screen

Lately, it has been rather discussed that we will no longer be able to buy Galaxy Note phones in the future, because the Note series will be scrapped. Theoretically, this line of smartphones could be replaced by Galaxy Z Fold with a stylus, and the Galaxy S will also also receive support for the S-Pen. However, the scrapping of Note would be done in 2022, and in 2021 a Note 21 will appear, which apparently inaugurates a selfie camera that’s placed under the screen.

The smartphone is expected to be released in the fall of 2021, according to GizmoChina. Another rumor, according to @Cozyplanes, seems certain that the terminal could feature a selfie camera hidden under the screen. It seems that the Note 21 is being tested in two variants: one with a hole in the screen and one UDC (Under Display Camera). The source warns, however, that adopting UDC technology will be difficult due to problems regarding the cost, production efficiency and the quality of the finished product. It must also be said that Samsung has surclassed both Oppo, with the first prototypes of under-screen camera phones in 2019, and ZTE. ZTE already has a smartphone available on the market with such a feature. Its name is ZTE Axon 20 5G and it was recently launched, coming to Europe on December 21st.

galaxy note 2021

The main concerns regarding the technology have to do with the access of light through the screen to the photo selfie sensor, but also with the inevitable distortion of the image due to the curvature of the screen glass. This is where correction algorithms come into play, however. We will probably start finding out more about the Note 21 after the launch of the Galaxy S21, a release event that should take place in January or February.

How to find your way in Dubai in 2020

Dubai is many things for many people. For some, it’s the peak of modernism and technology blended with sun, beaches and desert. For others, it’s all about cars and petrol. There are people that come here to get money and there are people that come here to invest money. This article should help you find your way in Dubai and should provide some tips that should save you some money and time. So, here we go…

Arriving at Al Maktoum International Airport

There are two airports in Dubai. The most important is Dubai International Airport (DXB), but there is also a secondary airport called Al Maktoum International, often dubbed as Dubai World Central (DWC). From my experience, Al Maktoum International is often reserved for low-cost flights. First thing you should do when you arrive here is to get a Sim Card with Internet. I’ve read that they also offer free SIM cards for tourists when they arrive in the airport but I couldn’t find a counter for that in the airport. If you know where to get one, leave me a comment here…

Transport from Al Maktoum International Airport to Dubai by taxi

This airport is smaller than DXB and it is located 37 kilometers south west of Dubay. If you plan to get to the city there are two choices. Bus/Metro and Taxi. Taxi is the simplest way, and a taxi ride from Al Maktoum airport to the city should cost no more $25-$35 (around 100-150 dirhams).

Transport from Al Maktoum International Airport to the city by bus

In order to ride by bus you need a Nol Card with at least 7.5 dirhams. In the airport, next to rent-a-car stands, there is a counter with someone selling Nol Cards that can be used for buses. I was able to buy a grey Nol cards with euro against a small conversion fee. There is also an exchange nearby. I topped my Nol Card with 20 dirhams. Next, you should head outside and look for F55 bus during the day and N55 during the night. F55 goes to IBN Battuta and from there you can take the metro to your location. N55 goes to various locations in the city. The first ride to IBN Battuta should cost around 5 dirhams. It’s really important to check-in and check-out with your NOL card when you enter and when you leave the bus. If you forget to do this, you will be charged the maximum amount for the ride (7.5 dirhams). The metro is not available after midnight.

How to eat cheap in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious city, but this doesn’t mean everything is expensive here. The food is affordable, and you will find many locations where you can eat cheaper than your own city. For example, the food courts at Dubai Malls are really affordable and they have a great selection of foods.

Desert Safari is cheap if you know how to find it

Well, if you visit United Arab Emirates for the first time then you should really enjoy a Safari Desert. There are two options to find these Safari packages. Most hotel lobbies have various packages that you can buy. But there is also an alternative. Look for a Desert Safari package in Dubai on the Internet. You will learn that many of these companies offer similar services at cheaper rates. TripAdvisor should be your friend in this regard.

A photo recovery software that is worth your time

Today I am writing about a topic that should be important for most you: data recovery. During my lifetime, I have encountered at least 5 situations when I thought that all the data that was stored on my hard-disk or memory card was lost forever. I must admit that with the help of some friends, most the time I managed to recover that lost data. But the process was far from easy, since they have used all kind of command lines, apps and operating systems in order to recover my goods. Time passed and various file recovery tools emerged on the market, tools that are easier to use and really powerful. In this article, I am going to review one of these photo recovery tools.

How delete / erase works

Let’s face it, each of you accidentally deleted or lost files from your HDD (including recycle bin), memory stick, or memory card (camera, phone, etc.) at least once. You probably know from your own experience that recovering that deleted or corrupted data from the storage device is an enduring task. But before getting into further details, you should know how the delete/erase process works. When you delete a file, the information contained in the file is not actually removed. The operating system marks the space used by the file as available and it is ready to be overwritten when you create new files. But if you are not changing anything after you delete the file(s), the information will remain there and it can be recovered. Read more about this here.

Data recovery is a very large field and there are various companies that provide solutions capable of recovering data from hard disk drives, compact disks, or other storage media through various advanced processes. There are cases when the damage is physical and you need to go to professionals directly, but in most cases you can recover the data by yourself. First, it is important to realize that your data is missing. Then, you should no longer write to that storage medium in order to avoid overwriting the areas where the data can be retrieved from.

A Stellar solution for data recovery

There are many options to choose from on the market, but I am going to focus on a solution that I think will do the job in most cases. This established company is all about data recovery, photo recovery, iPhone recovery and video repair. Today, I am going to focus on their Photo Recovery Software , a solution that saves our life every time something unexpected happens with our photos.

Stellar Photo Recovery allows you to recover all types of media files that are lost due to deletion, accidental formatting or corruption. The process is pretty straightforward and you don’t need additional technical skills in order to use it. It should work great on most file formats, including “Canon (CR2 /CRW), EPSON (ERF), Fujifilm (RAF), Kodak (K25 /KDC /DCR), Konica Minolta (MRW), Mamiya (MOS), Mamiya (MEF), Nikon (NEF, NRW), Olympus (ORF), Panasonic (Raw), Pentax (PEF), Sony (SR2, ARW, SRF), Sigma (X3F), DNG, DJVU, PGM, Adobe EPS (Mac), Adobe EPS (Windows), TGA, JPEG, TIFF (Motorola and Intel), BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, INDD, PSP, PCT, and JP2. “

How it works

The interface is pretty straightforward so you don’t have to worry about losing yourself in various settings and buttons. All you have to do is choose the location that you want to be scanned for deleted content and press the “Scan” button. Once the process is completed, you can see all the results and choose which file or files to recover. If you are not satisfied with the the results, don’t worry. There is a deep scan option that dives even deeper into the storage device searching for your lost files.

At this time, you are probably wondering what happens if you are trying to recover just a photo and there are multiple results. Also, you are not sure about the name of the photo. Well, you should not worry about that either. There is a preview option that allows you to preview each photo and find the one(s) that you need. Once you have selected all the files you want to recover from the list, all you have to do is press the “Recover” button and select the destination folder. That’s it. Pretty easy.

Conclusion & Thinks you should know

There are times when a photo can’t be recovered. This can happen for various reasons, but mostly because other files have been copied or create on the disk/card in the meantime. This is why you should use Stellar Recovery Software immediately after deleting a file.

In my tests, I had a positive experience with this software. It managed to recover all the deleted images that I was searching for from an old SD card that I was using on my Cannon 80D DSLR. I love its simplicity and effectiveness and if you find yourself in a difficult situation with deleted photos, it should save the day.

Head over to their official website for further details and download link.

C-Section born children have a 33% higher risk of having autism, according to a controversial study. What is the risk of ADHD

C-section born children have a 33% higher risk of having autism disorder and 17% of ADHD, according to a research that combined 61 studies across 19 countries.

The statistical analysis, which was recently published in the JAMA Network Open, does not show that caesarean section directly causes such medical problems. Other factors that have led doctors use the c-section procedure could be the reason for this, according to Reuters.

Researchers led by Tianyang Zhang from Karolinska Institute in Sweden have collected studies covering over 20 million births, starting from 1999. Using this information, they have created a large data set to assess the risks associated with c-section delivery., which may not be evident in smaller individual studies.

When evaluating the spectrum of autism disorder, the researchers have analyzed 29 population studies, of which 17 showed an increased risk that was high enough to be statistically significant.

From this database, the authors concluded, statistically, that among infants brought to the world naturally the rate of autism was 0.8%. In the case of those born through c-section procedure, the autism rate was 1%, which, statistically, indicates a 33% risk.

For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Zhang’s team evaluated 14 population studies, of which only 5 presented a significant risk with c- section.

The conclusion was that babies born naturally had an ADHD rate of 2.4%, and those with caesarean section 2.8%, which indicated a risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of 17% for children born by surgery. .
It does not show that caesarean section causes autism or ADHD

The conclusions of this study were not well received by other members of the scientific community.

According to other scientists, the study does not show that caesarean section causes autism or ADHD.

For his part, Tianyang Zhang, PhD student at Karolinska Institutet, emphasized that their study does not provide irrefutable evidence that caesarean section causes neuropsychiatric disorders.

According to him, cesarean delivery is often recommended by obstetricians if the mother has diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Some of these diseases may already have an effect on a child’s brain development when he is still in the womb, says the lead author of the research.

Risks of c-section for children

A combination of factors could contribute to the risk, which is why it would be wrong to demonize c-section procedures. Zhang said that these interventions should continue to be used when they are medically necessary.

There is already evidence that babies born with c-section procedure have an increased risks of obesity, allergies, childhood diabetes and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On the other hand, surgical birth can save your life.

However, in many countries, there are high rates of c-section, the operation being performed even if the mother or fetus would not be exposed to risks as a result of a natural birth. Worldwide, according to the WHO, the rate of children born by cesarean section should be between 10 and 15%. In 1990, it was 6%, but in 2015 it had reached 21%.

The study showed that, regardless of whether the births by caesarean section were emergency or scheduled, the rates of autism or ADHD were the same.

Zhang’s team found indications of slightly higher rates of intellectual disability, obsessive-compulsive disorder, tic disorders, and eating disorders among children born through Caesarean section, but those relationships were not statistically significant, which means that they may be due chance.

New vulnerabilities discovered in 4G and 5G networks. All devices can be accessed by hackers

Syed Rafiul Hussain, Nighui Li and Elisa Bertino, researchers at Purdue University alongside Mitzu Echeverria and Omar Chowdhuri of the University of Iowa will publish a study that demonstrates new vulnerabilities found in 4G and 5G networks. The paper was presented for the first time in the symposium on “Network and Distributed System Security”, which is held today in San Diego, California.

In short, 4G and 5G networks can be exploited to access user data. Syed Hussain says that anyone with little knowledge of cellular protocols can initiate such an attack if they have the tools they need.

Over the last few years, Stingray devices used by law enforcement agencies have used similar vulnerabilities to find the geolocation of some users and to monitor the list of calls that take place within the reach of the device. Although there is currently no evidence of the existence of more advanced devices, researchers believe there may be some who can even intercept calls and text messages.

The team involved in the study discovered a method that uses an attack called “Torpedo,” which calls and cancels the call to the target several times consecutively, thus leading to a vulnerability in the paging system of the network. Practically, the initiator of the attack can send a message to the target device without him recording a call. From here, it’s easy to track the call and send new false messages even through the Amber alert system. Also, the attacker can block other messages that may be received by the target.

The correct age of the Earth’s core

The inner core of the Earth or the nucleus, which is a solid iron ball larger than Pluto, could be younger than previously thought.

This is the conclusion of a study published Monday, suggesting that 565 million years ago it had not yet begun its consolidation.

Since its existence was discovered, back in 1936, the age of the inner core of the Earth has been the subject of many speculations and studies among the scientific community.

The challenge is to be able to tell when the solid iron first appeared in the inner core of the Earth, a process by which liquid iron began to solidify as a result of a very high pressure that would have occurred between 1-2 billion for years.

A new study, published by the Nature Geoscience journal, brings paleomagnetic evidence that the Earth’s magnetic field was at its lowest intensity 565 million years ago. This means that its inner core has not started to solidify completely during this period. These records were discovered by a team of researchers at Rochester University in New York, headed by Richard Bono and John Tarduno.

Experts measured the intensity and direction of the magnetic field in crystals of plagioclase and clinopiroxen that were formed 565 million years ago in the region of eastern Canadian province of Quebec. The very low intensity of the magnetic field they discovered was unprecedented and it was ten times less than the current force.

In an article published with the study, Peter Driscoll, an expert at the Washington Carnegie Institute of Science, admits that the “freezing” of the inner core could have intervened at the right time to load the geodynamic and save the Earth’s magnetic shield.