Some of the most interesting Firefox Add-ons

Last year, we celebrated over 3 billion downloads for Firefox Add-ons. Although, in May 2013, Chrome was used all over the world 2 times more than Firefox, I still think that Mozilla’s product is way better than Chrome. Blame me, I love classics. The customization options are great on Firefox, you can add so many […]

The Oldest Earth’s Observation Satellite was Disabled

On March 1, 1984 NASA launched the fifth Landsat satellite from the Vandenberg Air Force Base aboard of the Delta 3920 rocket. The satellite had the purpose to serve the NOAA (National Oceanic operator Meteorological and Atmospheric Administration). The Landsat 5 was placed on a SSO orbit, with features that ensured a revisiting a period […]

LTE-Advanced network is two times faster than 4G

A Korean company called SK Telecom Co. recently launched the fastest wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. Called LTE-Advanced technology, the new network allows transfers of 150 megabits per second, which means that 800 megabits a movie can be downloaded in 43 seconds, making the network 10 time faster than […]