MIT engineers built a device that generates electricity from the air

Temperature changes are taking place around us all the time, and scientists have created a device that can convert these fluctuations into electricity by feeding sensors and communication devices with the help of the surrounding air. The energy is obtained by what is called a thermal resonator: a device that captures the heat on one […]

Research: An efficient lithium-iron oxide battery was developed

A team of researchers at Northwestern University has created a lithium-iron oxide battery that has the potential to power cars and phones more hours than previous batteries. Moreover, it is cheap and rechargeable. Christopher Wolverton and his team of researchers at Northwestern University have worked in collaboration with a team of researchers at the Argonne […]

A new type of nuclear fusion reactor could provide clean and unlimited energy

Nuclear fusion offers enormous energy potential and does not pollute radioactive. A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Australia, says it has everything it takes to build a nuclear fusion reactor that will be able to produce more energy than it consumes. The reactor will work differently from the other fusion […]

Are autonomous cars safe? A new car model illustrates security breaches

A new car model illustrates the security breaches of autonomous vehicles. How safe are they after all? Every new generation of cars comes with technologies that expose new safety risks. But in the case of autonomous cars there is no precedent, the dangers being little studied, experts suggest in a new study. Imagine three different […]

Russian scientists have created a new type of magnet

A team of scientists from the Krasnoyarsk Science Center and the Siberian Federal University has developed a new technique to synthesize a thin-film of ferromagnetic crystal. The processed membranes can be used especially in electronics. The results of the study were published in the Thin Solid Films journal. Magnetic coats are tens of hundreds of […]

Microsoft will launch laptops having an autonomy of up to 22 hours

Microsoft and Qualcomm are aiming for big things in the near future. They have just introduced the first always-on laptops. The new laptop range uses the Snapdragon 835 platform that is well known in the mobile gaming enthusiasts. By using this mobile processor in a laptop, Microsoft is trying to offer a hybrid product that […]

How does the quantum computer work?

Ever since the first recorded computer was invented, back in 1613, humans are trying to perfect it and to make it as faster as possible. These days, our computers have reached the computational power of computers that were presented in Sci-Fi movies back in the ’50s and the ’60s. A question remains though: Will we […]

Self-driving bus involved in crash on its first day

Las Vegas authorities have tested the bus driven 100% by autopilot in real traffic and it managed to crash on its very first day. The automated shuttle was first tested in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, after only 2 hours of running in Las Vegas traffic, the bus was involved in a road accident. While being tested, […]

Google’s AutoML – Artificial Intelligence creates AI

We are entering uncharted territory. In May, Google introduced its new project called AutoML. In short, the project has its focus on Machine Learning for Automated Algorithm Design, where artificial intelligence (AI) helps create other programs that use artificial intelligence. Just recently, Google has announced that AutoML has overtaken engineers at their own task by […]

Medical breakthrough: Scientists have succeeded in reversing advanced heart failure

A team of scientists has discovered a way to reverse advanced heart failure, one of the leading causes of death resulting from heart problems. The discovery was made at at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. The procedure involves “silencing” the mechanism that controls the size of the organs (Hippo signaling pathway). This may […]