Which console to choose? Xbox One or PS4?

As Gamescom 2013 is coming to an end, I have to draw the line and say that Sony and Microsoft have just prepared their final moves for the end of this year. Most details about the upcoming two consoles, PS4 and XBox One, were already released by gaming and tech websites, and hardcore games need …

Special Effects in TV Shows: Game of Thrones (all seasons)

My humble opinion is that Game of Thrones is probably one of the most complex TV Shows seen so far on HBO, with memorable characters, great story and twisted endings for most episodes. The world of GOT includes fights, breathtaking sceneries, unnatural creatures, castles and so many seasons, everything well mixed. Viewers like to have …

The Best Games of Gamescom 2013 Conference

Although I’m not a big fan of video games, I could not miss seeing some of the best games presented at Gamescom 2013 Conference. The show is in full swing (and far from over) and a shovelful of games have already made their appearance. Some of them surfaced before and others have taken their first …

An iPhone consumes more energy than a refrigerator

The iCloud service from Apple is a major consumer of electricity. According to current projections, in the following 20 years, this service may experience the same electricity consumption as the public lightning. This information was revealed by Digital Power Group, a consulting firm interested in tech investment.

How to connect multiple monitors to a PC or Mac

Multiple monitor technology facilitates work in graphic media, compiling programming languages ​​or work in multiple operating systems at once. More than that, it can be used in video gaming or in watching IMDB movies. Here are the steps you need to take in order to connect multiple screens to a PC or a MAC.

Samsung Officialy Announced Samsung Hennessey Dual Screen Flip Phone

Samsung Hennessy is a dual-SIM, dual touch smartphone that was launched officially in China. The device has two 3.3 inch touch screens, each with a resolution of 320×480 pixels, and it is quite thick and quite heavy. The gadget has dimensions of 110.85 x 59.3 x 18.62mm and weighs 208 grams.

Kirobo, the first astronaut robot that talks to be launched in space

People are trying harder and harder to replicate human behavior and language with artificial intelligence and robots. The Kirobo talking robot is one of a kind, because it has the purpose to accompany astronauts in space, just like the robot from the “Moon” movie. It was transported by a H-2B ship (launched from the Tanegashima …