Is Nokia going to make a comeback from its downfall?

Ok, maybe the title is misleading because Nokia has not fallen into oblivion yet, but it really seems to lack that outstanding product that captures everyone’s attention. A long time ago, Nokia’s N95 was the most desired smartphone in town. It had such a advanced camera (5MP), the Symbian OS (which was great compared to […]

The ultimate smartphone of 2013: a concept design by T3

What if you could combine the design of your favorite smartphone with the top-notch features of the Sony Xperia Z? Well, T3 is trying to answer that very question by introducing a mockup device that combines some of the best features of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia smartphones. In the presentation video, T3 introduced […]

LTE-Advanced network is two times faster than 4G

A Korean company called SK Telecom Co. recently launched the fastest wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. Called LTE-Advanced technology, the new network allows transfers of 150 megabits per second, which means that 800 megabits a movie can be downloaded in 43 seconds, making the network 10 time faster than […]

Lumia 1020, the super camera phone

In the past 2-3 years, Nokia has been left in the shadows by their competitors, Apple and Samsung. According to my belief, there are two main reasons for their downfall: the actual products, the operating systems. Although, in the past, smartphones like N73 or N95 smashed the competition in terms of camera and operating systems, […]

The fastest smartphone of 2013 (so far): Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Before getting into more details about this phone, I should start by letting you know that Xperia Z Ultra is bigger than common smartphones today, but it’s smaller than tablets. In such cases, the border between tablets and smartphones gets blurred and the consumer can’t really decide in which category it fits. Some folks like […]