BYOD – Using gadgets at workplace

Handling a large business is a complex process that’s evolving as we speak due to the rapid development of technology. Certainly, the Internet has irreversibly changed the way that we do business in different types of industry, and the mobile devices that we use day by day will become a new catalyst to this change. […]

A short study on the future of communication

While I was looking through all the gadgets and devices presented at CES 2015 I couldn’t help but notice that we are living in a fast world where things happen really fast. If we could have the knowledge and technology to transport any device from the CES back in time to 2004 (only 11 years), […]

Poo Bus – Public transportation fueled by human waste announced that the first UK bus to run on human and food waste just started its service between Bristol and Bath. Although bio-fuel has been around for some time now, the inauguration of this bus represents an important step toward the future of transportation. Let’s face it, the transition between fossil fuel and bio […]

Saygus V² – the king of smartphones

Saygus is a company focused on manufacturing smartphones in United States, a company that stayed under the radar in recent years. Now, it has launched a smartphone that was unanimously called the king of smart-phones: the Saygus V². This is a new smartphone created with high end components and materials, but with a less rigid […]

Vertu launches Vertu Aster: a 4.7 inch screen luxury smartphone

Vertu “cooked” a new device that combines luxury with top technology. I’m talking about Vertu Aster, a smartphone that doesn’t sacrifice anything in the favor of hardware specifications, design and premium materials. Vertu Aster runs Android 4.4.2, it features a 801 chipset Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.3 GHz quad-core, a 4.7-inch display with Full HD […]

Xiaomi Mi4 – The fastest smartphone in the world?

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that built an impressive buzz lately. Their latest product is called Xiaomi Mi 4, and it looks a lot like its main competitor from US, the popular iPhone. Developed under the leadership of Hugo Barra, a former product manager for Android, the Mi 4 promises top-notch features that could make […]

According to a recent survey, users want a smartphone with a great battery

Forget about those large displays, operating systems or fast browsers. According to a recent survey made by IDC, smartphone manufacturers should work less on adding more features and packing better displays into their products and they should think more about the battery life of the devices. At least that’s what customers need. In order to […]