Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could be the first Samsung phone with a selfie camera under the screen

Lately, it has been rather discussed that we will no longer be able to buy Galaxy Note phones in the future, because the Note series will be scrapped. Theoretically, this line of smartphones could be replaced by Galaxy Z Fold with a stylus, and the Galaxy S will also also receive support for the S-Pen. […]

Which smartphones have malfunctioned most often in recent months?

A recent report created by Blancco shows how frequently mobile phones broke down in the first months of this year. According to the “State of Mobile Device Repair & Security” document, 18.9% of Android phones have failed, compared with just 15.1% iOS devices. Of these, most problems were encountered on Samsung smartphones (27.4%), followed by […]

Tesla’s Solar Roof are cheaper than anything you can find on the market

Elon Musk just announced via a Twitter post that the Tesla solar roof panel can be pre-ordered starting from May 10, 2017. The billionaire said that the roof can be ordered in any country on the globe. Tesla’s founder also said that roof tiles have an “Infinity Warranty”. According to Musk, solar glass tiles are […]

Nokia phones history in images (2018 update)

With the relaunch of the Nokia 3310, Nokia tried to get back in the spotlight worldwide. Even if people are not into their smartphones like they once were, the company still deserves recognition for carrying on its shoulders the cell phone trend for a really long time. It’s time to see a brief Nokia phones […]

Top 10 smartphones that emit the highest dose of radiation. Find out how dangerous is your smartphone

PhonAndroid website recently published a study on the radiation dose that is emitted by several types of smartphone. When we decide to buy a new smartphone, we are not paying attention to the specific absorption rate (SAR), that number that shows the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted and absorbed by our body. The lower SAR […]

Nokia is returning with two new android smartphones

3 years ago, I asked a difficult question: Is Nokia going to make a comeback from its downfall? That question will be answered next year, since Nokia announced its return to the smartphone market! This is not a rumor, it’s an official confirmation from the company through a presentation made to investors at Capital Markets […]

Best camera phones of 2016: smartphones for photo enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of photography, but you do not have the technical knowledge or you are not yet prepared to get the big guns of photography (I’m talking about DSLRs here), you can still enjoy taking great photos with your smartphone, as long as you buy one that has great camera. We have prepared […]

Do the Easter Island Heads Have Bodies?

The monolithic statues located on Easter Island have been intriguing visitors for centuries. If you’ve ever had the chance to walk those lands, you have surely asked yourself just one question: do the Easter Island Heads have bodies? What’s buried under those rocks? The mystery was solved when multiple images, which have quickly become viral, […]