What Is Biomedical Engineering? The Saltzman presentation

The pace of technological progress has been very slow for most of human history. In the past, a person could have lived a lifetime without witnessing any significant changes in terms of tech advancement. Men of those times used surreal explanations for everyday natural phenomena encountered in their daily life, they lived in a realm […]

The harmful effects of TV and computer on the child’s brain and body

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 2 years of age should not be allowed to watch any kind of television. After this age, from age 2 to age 6, the child can have access to a computer or a TV, but this activity should be limited to a maximum of 1-2 hours per […]

An inspirational story: “Talking to God”

This morning I was feeling lazy (like I sometimes do) so I decided to prolong my morning bed rituals of checking my Flipboard and StumbleUpon account on my smartphone. After 20 minutes of skipping uninteresting stories I found this title: “The story of the man who talked to God”. I’m almost 29 years old now, […]

The Oldest Earth’s Observation Satellite was Disabled

On March 1, 1984 NASA launched the fifth Landsat satellite from the Vandenberg Air Force Base aboard of the Delta 3920 rocket. The satellite had the purpose to serve the NOAA (National Oceanic operator Meteorological and Atmospheric Administration). The Landsat 5 was placed on a SSO orbit, with features that ensured a revisiting a period […]

Prosthetic Hand from Victorian Era

When I first saw these pictures, I thought they were just snapshots from another steampunk project made by a Terminator fan. After further research I found out that this prosthetic hand is actual real, and can be found in London Science Museum’s collection. The metallic arm was created in the Victorian age, and was probably […]

Technology used to cancel the effects of Parkinson’s Disease

The story is about Andrew Johnson, also known as Cyber AJ, a 39 years old man who suffers from an early stage of Parkinson’s Disease. Thanks to a brain surgery performed by his doctors in New Zealand, he can now use his motor and vocal functions a lot better than before. In fact, when his […]