Scientists created the first human esophagus made from stem cells

Bioengineering scientists working to produce the entire human gastrointestinal system in the laboratory reported that pluripotent stem cells were used to create a human esophagus. This is the first time scientists have been able to grow human pluripotent stem cell (PSC) esophageal tissue, cells that theoretically can form any type of body tissue. Published in […]

Are infrared radiant heating panels beneficial to health?

Infrared radiant heating panels are being promoted aggressively recently. Marketeers say about these device that they represent a safe way to reduce the heating bill. Some will go one step further and say that they have “miraculous therapeutic effects”. Of course, all these alleged health benefits does not have a reputable scientific study to back […]

A large asteroid will be approaching Earth in just few days

NASA has released a warning on an asteroid that is considered to be “potentially dangerous”. The space object is called 2016 NF23 and it will pass near our planet on August 29, at a distance of 13.4 times the distance between the Moon to Earth. That’s more than three million miles (4.8million km) or just […]

An alarming phenomenon will occur at the North Pole!

Due to global warming, the permafrost (the soil that should always be frozen) in the Arctic does not freeze anymore during winter. Thus, it remains damp and humming. Researchers have noticed this phenomenon and they draw attention to the danger this phenomenon pose. Permafrost stores billions of tons of carbon, which will reach the atmosphere […]

Blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets can lead to vision issues

A team of scientists at the University of Toledo in the United States has revealed that prolonged exposure to blue light triggers the release of toxic molecules in photoreceptor cells that, in time, could lead to vision issues. In time, this can lead to macular degeneration, an ophthalmic disorder that causes destruction of central vision. […]

The weather will change radically in the coming years. How hot it will be

Researchers have concluded that average temperatures across the globe could be abnormally high between 2018 and 2022. The most important factor underlying this estimation is the multiplication of “extreme heat events” at the surface of the earth and water. The study was conducted before the heat waves that led to the record temperatures that we’ve […]

The shortest fly from London to New York will take only two hours

Although commercial planes have shorten the time it takes to go from one place to another, there are people that are still complaining about long flight hours. Boeing could have a solution to the problem. It has introduced details of a new type of Hypersonic Airplane that will be able to cross the distance between […]

It could be possible for plants to create their own fertilizer

A new study led by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis Louis has shown that it is possible to modify plants in order for them to create their own fertilizer. This breakthrough could have a revolutionary effect on agriculture and could help billions of people. The study, led by Himadri Pakrasi and Maitrayee Bhattacharyya-Pakrasi, […]