According to a new Harward discovery, we are one step away from transparent gadgets (video)

Researchers at Harvard University have created a gel-based audio speaker using a thin layer of polyacrylamide polymer as base material. The new gadget is flexible and transparent and could pave the way for a new generation of transparent and flexible gadgets.

NASA says that the sun’s magnetic field will soon reverse. Is it dangerous for us?

You have probably heard about the upcoming magnetic field reverse of the SUN. According to NASA, the phenomenon will happen in the following months and the effects of Sun’s reversed polarity will spread across our entire solar systems.

Breakthrough in photovoltaic technology: 3D graphene

Dye-sensitized solar cells are the best type of solar cells invented so far, but they have a unfavorable aspect: the price. Although they are very thin, pliable, not difficult to make and they have a great conversion rate (8%), they are made from platinum, one of the most expensive elements on Earth. The new inexpensive …

Short IQ Test:Spatial abilities

If you plan to test your spatial abilities and find how capable are you to perceive 3D objects in space, you can perform the following short IQ test. According to researchers, spacial abilities are related to a person’s IQ. The only difference between a spatial test and a common IQ test is that the subject …

A recent study suggests that human life emerged on Mars, and the essential chemical compounds traveled through space

According to geochemist Steven Benner, the professor who lead the study, we could all be Martians at origin. He declared that a mineral called molybdenum that’s essential in life occurrence appeared for the first time on Mars due to volcanic eruptions on the planet. Then, it was transported to Earth by meteorites blasted off Mars …

Harvesting solar power in space and sending it back to Earth

Ever since electricity was discovered, humans have permanently tried to invent and use green methods of “harvesting” it. Solar power,  wind power,  hydroelectricity and geothermal power are only a part of Earth’s sources of energy. Now, a former NASA engineer is working on a method that could produce 1/3 of Earth’s total energy.

NASA Scientists are working on real warp engine that could get us from Earth to Sun in 8 minutes

Engineers at NASA are trying really hard to lay the foundations of a new technology that would allow us to travel at speeds greater than the speed of light. Inspired by Sci-Fi movies like Star Trek where the space ships have to travel dozens, even hundreds of light years in a few hours, the U.S. …

A Professor of Physics from Germany claims that The Big Bang Theory needs a revision

So far, most scientists agree to the theory that claims that our Universe began with a large explosion, followed by a continuous expansion. Now, a professor of Physics at Institute for Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg University in Germany claims that The Big Bang Theory needs a revision.

Regenovo: the biomaterial 3D printer used to create living tissue

Printing weapons with a 3D printer is cool, but I assume we can find other purposes for that device that could really help the humanity. Instead of using 3D printing for war, why not use it for prolonging human life? A team of scientists from Chinese University of Hangzhou Dianzi have done exactly that, using …