Ships sunken during the American Civil War can be explored with Google Sea View

Google proves once more that it’s more than an Internet company. After mapping a large part of the web with their online search service and after mapping Earth with their Google Maps service, they went one step further and analyzed in the smallest detail the Mary Celeste ship wreck which lies on the southern coast …

1950DA: The asteroid that could end the life on Earth

On June 24, 2013 NASA announced that there are over 10,000 observed comets and asteroids that pass near our planet but according to scientists only one could seal the human fate forever. According to the data collected so far, the probability of a future impact with Earth is quite large.

Climate Change in the 21st Century According to NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, best known as the NASA just posted a video on NASAexplorer’s Youtube account with a climate simulation for the next 87 years, until the year 2099. Based on the current climate models and the current trends, NASA was able to predict that temperatures and precipitation will change drastically by …

Harvard researchers have created the first biological tissue with transistors and wires

We have witnessed many cases where the line between science and science fiction became thin and imperceptible due to amazing discoveries made by scientists all over the world. Last year, a team of bioengineering at Harvard University, USA have created the first cyborg tissue by combining a 3D network of nano wires and human tissue.

It’s official: NASA’s Curiosity found water on mars

While Curiosity is searching for some sort of past life form on Red Planet, it continues to send valuable data back to Earth. A few days ago wrote that there are no traces of methane on Mars and yesterday it made a more interesting announcement: Curiosity found water in surface samples.

What happens to human brain when the patient is in deep coma? New discovery in this regard.

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal, Canada concluded that the brain continues to function even if the patient is in deep coma. The research began after several Romanian doctors noticed a strange brain activity in a patient who was in deep induced hypoxic coma following a powerful treatment against seizures.

3D Map of the Universe: Large Scale Structures

An international team of scientists led by astronomers at the Kyoto University, University of Tokyo and the University of Oxford released the first version of the first 3D map of the Universe. The map is a part of the FastSound project that aims to map far away distant galaxies and could help determine the unexplained …

Is time travel possible? According to British physicist Brian Cox, the answer is yes!

Brian Cox, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, PPARC Advanced Fellow at the University of Manchester, is one of the many researchers who believe that time travel is possible and it could be achieved in the next hundreds of years. The only problem is that, using his theory, you can only travel into the future. …

Upsalite, the “impossible material” with the highest absorption power in the world was invented by mistake

Surprisingly, there are times when making a mistake in a science experiment may lead to important and unexpected discoveries. This was the case with a Swedish experiment that was conducted in Uppsala University, Sweden, where a team of scientists forgot to shut down a device, leaving it operational for the weekend.