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Send your product for a review


How to send your product for a review

We accept products for a review. If your company has just developed a product and it is ready to launch, we might help. We are also eager to review your KickStarter project and to give it a little push. But before you contact us, make sure that your product meets the following criteria:

  • Your product is related to the topics that we usually write about on Scinotions. In other words, it is a gadget or it is related to tech/science
  • You have a clear list of specifications and features for the product
  • You know the price and the official release date of the product
  • You know where it will be available (shops, websites)

How we review your product / Conditions

We accept only products delivered via DHL or other express courier. Reviewing your product usually takes under 5 business days from the day we receive it. We try to have a positive approach on this matter and we try to be as objective as possible in our product review. If you ask, we can give you the chance to read the review article before we post it online. The article will also be posted on our Twitter and Facebook page. When we are finished reviewing your product and the product review is posted online on Scintions, we will not return it to you. Your product will remain in our archive endlessly. Contact us now for a product review using the following mail so we can discuss further.