iOS 7 Improvements. Is it better than iOS 6?

If you read this blog for a while, you know that I own 2 iPhones (an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 3G) and I’m a fan of these devices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that hardcore fan that stays up all night to watch the latest Keynote from Apple. I’m just a fan that recognizes the quality of Apple’s products. In the past, I have tried Android OS, but for specific reasons (accessibility, easiness, reliability), the iOS was more appealing for my needs. Over the years, Apple tried to improve the iOS, adding more features with every new released version. Now, iOS 7 is almost here, bringing new design and new functionality, so I am going to enumerate the most important improvements that make it better than iOS 6.
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The Oldest Earth’s Observation Satellite was Disabled

On March 1, 1984 NASA launched the fifth Landsat satellite from the Vandenberg Air Force Base aboard of the Delta 3920 rocket. The satellite had the purpose to serve the NOAA (National Oceanic operator Meteorological and Atmospheric Administration). The Landsat 5 was placed on a SSO orbit, with features that ensured a revisiting a period of 16 days. On board, there were installed two instruments: TM (Thematic Mapper) and MSS (Multi Spectral Scanner) that were able to cover strips of land with dimensions of 185 km long and 170 km wide. The observation device was a three axes stabilized satellite, with a propulsion system based on hydrazine, and an inertial wheel assembly. Weighing 2.2 tons, it featured a single solar panel that could be rotated in longitudinal direction. The excess energy was stored in a bench NiCd batteries with a total capacity of 100 Ah. Communication with Earth was made using S-band, X, L and Ku (maximum 85 Mbps) frequencies. The data was sent either directly to the ground station or via TDRSS satellites.
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Viewing platforms that will take your breath away

I am not particularly found of heights, I don’t like to travel with airplanes and I will┬ádefinitely not escalade the Everest peak. But, sometimes, you just need to push yourself to the limit in order to create everlasting memories. Seeing the World’s greatness from a special location like a viewing platform that’s suspended over an abyss will take your breath away instantly, giving you a glimpse of hope in your life.

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Prosthetic Hand from Victorian Era

When I first saw these pictures, I thought they were just snapshots from another steampunk project made by a Terminator fan. After further research I found out that this prosthetic hand is actual real, and can be found in London Science Museum’s collection. The metallic arm was created in the Victorian age, and was probably used to replace the amputated hands of the war heroes. It is made from steel and brass and has many ways of articulating itself.
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LTE-Advanced network is two times faster than 4G

A Korean company called SK Telecom Co. recently launched the fastest wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. Called LTE-Advanced technology, the new network allows transfers of 150 megabits per second, which means that 800 megabits a movie can be downloaded in 43 seconds, making the network 10 time faster than common 3G connections.
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Lumia 1020, the super camera phone

In the past 2-3 years, Nokia has been left in the shadows by their competitors, Apple and Samsung. According to my belief, there are two main reasons for their downfall: the actual products, the operating systems. Although, in the past, smartphones like N73 or N95 smashed the competition in terms of camera and operating systems, their latest devices did not appealed to the customers. I’m not going to speak for every smartphone user on the planet, but I know that even if I love their devices, I don’t really dig the Windows Phone OS. I think that a Nokia phone that runs Android OS will be much more successful.

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Technology used to cancel the effects of Parkinson’s Disease

The story is about Andrew Johnson, also known as Cyber AJ, a 39 years old man who suffers from an early stage of Parkinson’s Disease. Thanks to a brain surgery performed by his doctors in New Zealand, he can now use his motor and vocal functions a lot better than before. In fact, when his “magical device” is on, it’s difficult to notice any kind of motor problems.
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The fastest smartphone of 2013 (so far): Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Before getting into more details about this phone, I should start by letting you know that Xperia Z Ultra is bigger than common smartphones today, but it’s smaller than tablets. In such cases, the border between tablets and smartphones gets blurred and the consumer can’t really decide in which category it fits. Some folks like to call these types of smartphones “Phablets”, because they embody the features of a smartphone with the size of a tablet.

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Meteorites that hit Earth in the last century

Constantly, astronomical objects called meteorites are falling on our planet from space. These rocks are detached from the cosmic bodies, especially comets, which, under the action of gravity, end up falling on the Earth’s surface. A team of Canadian researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics in Ottawa concluded that the annual amount of meteorite that falls on our planet is equivalent to 21 tons. Their sizes ranges from that of a grain of wheat to the rocks that weigh more than a ton.

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Miracles of Mother Nature: Strange Trees

Mother Nature manages to forge with craftsmanship and unmistakable precision, just like the director of a classic movie, to create an astonishing visual show. These surprising phenomena become places whose beauty surpasses any imagination. All over the place, perfect or strange shapes can be seen, adding more details to the everlasting movie that is skillfully assembled by Nature for many thousands of centuries. Be amazed by some of the greatest and strangest shaped trees meet on our planet, Earth.

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