Atlas, a robot that will help people during disasters

Recently, DARPA introduced Atlas, a humanoid robot created and developed by Boston Dynamics. This robot was designed to supplement the man power during major disasters, such as accidents in nuclear power plants like the one that happened in Fukushima Daiichi few years ago.
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An amazing Sci-Fi Short Movie made by one single man

I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi Movies, regarding if they are animation or not. This short movie is called Rha, and it was entirely created by one single man, Kaleb Lechowski, a young man of only 22 years old. In order to create the entire short movie, he needed about 7 months of hard work. Although Kaleb did “Rha” by himself, he got a little help from game veteran David Materson, which voiced the entire film and who added his touch on sound effects. Except that, everything you see is made by Kaleb.
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The harmful effects of TV and computer on the child’s brain and body

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 2 years of age should not be allowed to watch any kind of television. After this age, from age 2 to age 6, the child can have access to a computer or a TV, but this activity should be limited to a maximum of 1-2 hours per day.
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Adam Savage Presents a Real Life Robot at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Bored by the same costumes presented at Comic-Con events, decided to create something special for San Diego Comic Con 2013. Inspired by the just-released Pacific Rim movie, they’ve revealed the WIRED Mech, a Jaeger like robot that weights 400-pounds and measures 9.5 foot tall. This real-life robot was built by the same studio who built armors for Pacific Rim and Iron Man, the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects.

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An inspirational story: “Talking to God”

This morning I was feeling lazy (like I sometimes do) so I decided to prolong my morning bed rituals of checking my Flipboard and StumbleUpon account on my smartphone. After 20 minutes of skipping uninteresting stories I found this title: “The story of the man who talked to God”. I’m almost 29 years old now, and at this stage of my life I like to believe in many things. Although the rational part of me thinks we humans are merely walking pieces of meat, the result of an optimistic chemical reaction, there is always the positive part of me who wants to believe that there is something more about our existence. Sometimes, I even wonder if there is a higher consciousness that watches over our evolution, maybe intervening here and there, planting seeds that will later grow into solid ideas that can define our future.

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Should I reveal my geo location when an app requests it?

These days, most apps requests access to my photos or to my current location. Of course, I can decide to grant or block that access, but I’ve always wondered why apps that are not related to maps or navigation need those specific details.

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10 Innovative Outdoor Furniture Designs

In these hot summer days, we often have those moments when our only desire is to spend outdoor time, on the front terrace of the house, near the pool or on the green area behind the house. For a more enjoyable experience, we can choose to use any of these 10 innovative outdoor furniture designs to create a pleasant arrangement for the outdoor resting area. Depending on the decorating style that we choose, we will get a relaxing space, a place to perform our remote tasks, a quite and relaxing place to cool our thoughts or to read a good book, a place to maintain our physical condition and, perhaps most importantly, a place to recharge our body with positive energy.
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Is Nokia going to make a comeback from its downfall?

Ok, maybe the title is misleading because Nokia has not fallen into oblivion yet, but it really seems to lack that outstanding product that captures everyone’s attention. A long time ago, Nokia’s N95 was the most desired smartphone in town. It had such a advanced camera (5MP), the Symbian OS (which was great compared to other operating systems on the market), features like no other smartphone (not even the iPhone) and a display surpassed only by iPhone’s display. Now, the flagship devices from Nokia, the Lumia smartphones, are not even on the 4th place in the customers’ buying options. Nokia is faced with lower and lower smartphone sale numbers and I’m not sure things will change soon if the¬†Finnish company continues with the current strategy.
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The ultimate smartphone of 2013: a concept design by T3

What if you could combine the design of your favorite smartphone with the top-notch features of the Sony Xperia Z? Well, T3 is trying to answer that very question by introducing a mockup device that combines some of the best features of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia smartphones. In the presentation video, T3 introduced the best possible scenario, gathering everything into a concept device called “Ultimate Smartphone”.
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Some of the most interesting Firefox Add-ons

Last year, we celebrated over 3 billion downloads for Firefox Add-ons. Although, in May 2013, Chrome was used all over the world 2 times more than Firefox, I still think that Mozilla’s product is way better than Chrome. Blame me, I love classics. The customization options are great on Firefox, you can add so many cool add-ons to your install. According to their statistics, over 85% of Firefox users have installed at least one add-on in their browser. The average number of installed add-ons is 5. Just after writing down these numbers, I have checked my add-on settings, and I have 7 installs there. So, I guess I am above average.
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