Top 10 Lesser Known Wonders of Modern Technology

The human creativity has always led to great inspiring monuments, even before the age of modern technology. The Pyramids of Egypt, large Roman Catholic cathedrals like Sagrada Família located in Barcelona, the Eiffel Tower from Paris, even the Statue of Liberty from New York City mark our greatest achievements as a species and they have […]

Interesting facts about Bill Gates (part 2)

Bill Gates is a man that has influenced a generation and he is definitely in the circle of people that has shaped the face of technology as we know it. Having a fortune that’s estimated at 81 billion dollars, the Microsoft’s founder is one of the richest men in the world. According to the hierarchy […]

Smart glove: translating sign language into text and speech

Sign language is an old form of communication that has helped the hearing-impaired for many centuries, probably way before it was officially recognized. Now, in 21st century, a Saudi designer and media artist has developed a gadget that could change the game forever. Hadeel Ayoub has just invented a smart glove that is able to […]

TrueNorth: Researchers have created a computer chip that can mimic the human neurons

Back in 2008, scientists at IBM started working on DARPA’s Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) programme. In the meantime, they’ve managed to develop TrueNorth, a computer chip that can perform 46 billion synaptic operations per second. The chip uses silicon technology and it is based on non–von Neumann architecture. According to its […]

BYOD – Using gadgets at workplace

Handling a large business is a complex process that’s evolving as we speak due to the rapid development of technology. Certainly, the Internet has irreversibly changed the way that we do business in different types of industry, and the mobile devices that we use day by day will become a new catalyst to this change. […]

Google is postponing a project that could extend gadgets’ battery life

Google is working on many projects, some of them being kept under the radar for various reasons. According to WallStreetJournal, their Advanced Technology and Projects division has been working on a way to increase the battery efficiency by 5 to 10 times, a feature that is really needed on the market at this time. ATAP […]

Storm eBike may change the world as we know it

What if riding a bicycle would be the coolest thing anyone in the world can do? Well, in order for that to happen, the industry needs to be revolutionized. In other words, we need to see a product that would appeal to everybody while maintaining its quality and its premium feel. Somehow, it would have […]

SAFFiR: the firefighter robot of the US Navy

The US Navy is always concerned about the safety of its sailors and tragedies involving fire became a real obsession that needed to be taken into consideration. Now, the agency managed to develop a prototype robot called SAFFiR that’s able to assist the firefighters in their attempt to fight with fire. The robot, developed in […]

VoIP Studio, a cloud hosted BPX solution

Following my last article on the future of communication, we have received couple of emails asking about the best communication service that has all the features needed in a large company, that’s suitable for remote connections via Internet and, of course, that’s affordable and easy to setup. So, I started the 1-day journey to scout […]