10 Images with cute dogs: Dogs and flowers

While I was browsing Youtube for funny videos, I noticed that many famous videos are about animals, especially cats and dogs. So, I decided to look for the ultimate dog images to post here. Guess what I found? Here’s what I call dogs meet art or dogs meet flowers, a beautiful collection of cute dogs […]

Amazing Iron Man Fan Art [25 images]

Over the years, Iron Man has been generally perceived as a second-tier superhero and making the first Iron Man movie was a bold move from the studio. Although we saw him as a lesser characther, Robert Downey Jr. managed to take Tony Stark to new levels and audience instantly embraced and praised his performance. The […]

Life, death and reincarnation via makeup

Emma Allen is a special effect artist that enrolled into a special voyage to celebrate art and life. She managed to create a wonderful video using stop-motion techniques and advanced face painting, depicting a beautiful story of a woman getting old, dying and ultimately reincarnating into a superb animal. According to Emma, she used 4000+ […]

Surviving the doomsday in a luxury complex

Doomsday is probably the biggest phobia we can experience. We are all hoping that any form of apocalypse will never come during our lifetime, and the idea of a natural or human-made disaster hunts our dreams and poisons our thoughts. This following luxury complex was created specially for those who want to cheat the end […]

Home Made Inventions That Will Brigthen Your Day

Hey, it’s Friday!!! … and it’s time to get some laughs. Some people love to invest their time in cool things, and some people love to invent new and cool things. Here’s a collection of home made inventions that will probably make your weekend better. I’m including this in the design category, although it could […]

15 Pinup artworks: before Photoshop was here

Pinup art is a term that was documented back to 1890, and it means drawings, paintings and illustrations that emulate real photos. Most of these pinup artworks represented the sex symbols of their era, famous actresses and beautiful girls. Later, these pinups where mass produced and they were distributed all over the country. Enjoy the […]