Star Wars Pinup: Star Wars characters re-imagined as Pin-up girls

Andrew Tarusov has done it again! After releasing pin-up artworks with the princesses of Disney or the heroines of Game of Thrones, here comes another classic with the pin-up women of Star Wars. In the following collection we find Leia, Rey, a Stormptrooper or Darth Vader reimagined as pin-up artworks.

Cosplay Costumes: hit and miss

Over the years, more and more fans have tried to create outstanding cosplay costumes in order to amaze their family, their friends and ultimately, the whole world. But not every person that’s stepping on that cosplay carpet is wearing the best costume replica of their favorite super-hero or super-villain. In the following images, you have […]

Cool water slide made of LED rainbow effects

Are you ready for some experimental fun? This cool water slide can be found at an indoor water park in Bremerhaven, Germany. It captures (or at least imagine) the complete experience of going trough a black hole, being decorated with LED rainbows, dot patterns, and shooting lights. The video was filmed by TubeRides1, a YouTube […]

These are Taiwan’s New Army Uniforms

Looking at these uniforms, I can’t help but notice that they look like they are inspired from a game that I really loved back in the days: Army of Two. Taiwan’s officials must have been really courageous when they’ve approved this bold and blackish design. The piece of resistance is definitely the Kevlar mask that […]

The Coolest Cosplay Costumes From WonderCon 2015

The Comicon and Wondercon events are really popular these days, and folks all over the world are trying to bring their best creations and costumes to these types of events. Many interesting and beautiful people were present at WonderCon 2015, and after looking through tons of images from the event, I managed to select the […]