A new hope: the electric car goes solar

After watching the documentary named “Who killed the electric car” back in 2009 I understood that back then we were not prepared to ahve EVs on the road (read that Electric Vehicles). Later, Tesla teased us with its Tesla Model S 2013, an electric vehicle with great specifications and a fan base that’s getting bigger …

Ford is developing a car that will work without a driver, following Google’s model

In the near future, cars will no longer need humans in order operate. Also, there is a good chance that accidents will be much less numerous than before. Aside from Google, which is working on a self-driving car for years, here comes Ford with a new and interesting concept.

The new Ford Mustang 2015: images and video

Next year, Ford is commemorating 50 years from the release of the first generation Ford Mustang and they are preparing a new version of the famous car which is set to be released in 2015. The new design impressed me with its sleekness, making the car wider and lower than its predecessor. The US manufacturer …

Mercedes-Benz W196: The most expensive car ever sold at auction

A vintage racing model of Mercedes-Benz W196 that was manufactured by the Mercedes company became the most expensive car ever sold at an auction, after it was purchased by a collector with the amount of 19.6 million pounds ($29.6 million) earlier this year, during the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in southern England.