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Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could be the first Samsung phone with a selfie camera under the screen

Lately, it has been rather discussed that we will no longer be able to buy Galaxy Note phones in the future, because the Note series will be scrapped. Theoretically, this line of smartphones could be replaced by Galaxy Z Fold with a stylus, and the Galaxy S will also also receive support for the S-Pen. However, the scrapping of Note would be done in 2022, and in 2021 a Note 21 will appear, which apparently inaugurates a selfie camera that’s placed under the screen.

The smartphone is expected to be released in the fall of 2021, according to GizmoChina. Another rumor, according to @Cozyplanes, seems certain that the terminal could feature a selfie camera hidden under the screen. It seems that the Note 21 is being tested in two variants: one with a hole in the screen and one UDC (Under Display Camera). The source warns, however, that adopting UDC technology will be difficult due to problems regarding the cost, production efficiency and the quality of the finished product. It must also be said that Samsung has surclassed both Oppo, with the first prototypes of under-screen camera phones in 2019, and ZTE. ZTE already has a smartphone available on the market with such a feature. Its name is ZTE Axon 20 5G and it was recently launched, coming to Europe on December 21st.

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The main concerns regarding the technology have to do with the access of light through the screen to the photo selfie sensor, but also with the inevitable distortion of the image due to the curvature of the screen glass. This is where correction algorithms come into play, however. We will probably start finding out more about the Note 21 after the launch of the Galaxy S21, a release event that should take place in January or February.