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How to find your way in Dubai in 2020

Dubai is many things for many people. For some, it’s the peak of modernism and technology blended with sun, beaches and desert. For others, it’s all about cars and petrol. There are people that come here to get money and there are people that come here to invest money. This article should help you find your way in Dubai and should provide some tips that should save you some money and time. So, here we go…

Arriving at Al Maktoum International Airport

There are two airports in Dubai. The most important is Dubai International Airport (DXB), but there is also a secondary airport called Al Maktoum International, often dubbed as Dubai World Central (DWC). From my experience, Al Maktoum International is often reserved for low-cost flights. First thing you should do when you arrive here is to get a Sim Card with Internet. I’ve read that they also offer free SIM cards for tourists when they arrive in the airport but I couldn’t find a counter for that in the airport. If you know where to get one, leave me a comment here…

Transport from Al Maktoum International Airport to Dubai by taxi

This airport is smaller than DXB and it is located 37 kilometers south west of Dubay. If you plan to get to the city there are two choices. Bus/Metro and Taxi. Taxi is the simplest way, and a taxi ride from Al Maktoum airport to the city should cost no more $25-$35 (around 100-150 dirhams).

Transport from Al Maktoum International Airport to the city by bus

In order to ride by bus you need a Nol Card with at least 7.5 dirhams. In the airport, next to rent-a-car stands, there is a counter with someone selling Nol Cards that can be used for buses. I was able to buy a grey Nol cards with euro against a small conversion fee. There is also an exchange nearby. I topped my Nol Card with 20 dirhams. Next, you should head outside and look for F55 bus during the day and N55 during the night. F55 goes to IBN Battuta and from there you can take the metro to your location. N55 goes to various locations in the city. The first ride to IBN Battuta should cost around 5 dirhams. It’s really important to check-in and check-out with your NOL card when you enter and when you leave the bus. If you forget to do this, you will be charged the maximum amount for the ride (7.5 dirhams). The metro is not available after midnight.

How to eat cheap in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious city, but this doesn’t mean everything is expensive here. The food is affordable, and you will find many locations where you can eat cheaper than your own city. For example, the food courts at Dubai Malls are really affordable and they have a great selection of foods.

Desert Safari is cheap if you know how to find it

Well, if you visit United Arab Emirates for the first time then you should really enjoy a Safari Desert. There are two options to find these Safari packages. Most hotel lobbies have various packages that you can buy. But there is also an alternative. Look for a Desert Safari package in Dubai on the Internet. You will learn that many of these companies offer similar services at cheaper rates. TripAdvisor should be your friend in this regard.