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IBM’s historic launch: The first quantum computer has been officially presented and looks great

IBM introduced IBM Q System One at CES 2019. It is the first quantum computer that is ready for mass distribution, . Before you get ready to ask how well Read Dead Redemption 2 and FIFA 19 will play on this computer, there are a few things about this computer that you should know.

According to ZDNet, IBM likes to always be the first to release something new. That’s why ZDNet journalists note that this quantum computer is spectacular, but it is not currently a response to the current programmer’s problems. One of the biggest differences between a quantum computer and a digitized one is that the digital one is based on the binary code, that is the sequences 0 and 1, and its power is given by the speed at which it can process these data sequences. For this, it needs RAM and a processor.

In the case of the quantum computer, there is no “quantum RAM”. You will ask why. Because this computer does not process sequentially, but it runs with data between 0 and 1 at the quantum level. This makes a quantum computer not a solution for programmers because it does not follow the current programming logic. Consequently, it is not a response to the time problems that software developers are experiencing.

What is really interesting about the IBM announcement on this computer is that it has been built with modules and it is a compact system. Practically, quantum technology has overtaken the “garage” phase in which the digital computers of the ’80s were built. Being modular means that you can always upgrade its components. This translates into a more accelerated evolution in the near future.

The announcement and launch of IBM is good news, but we still have to wait until a quantum computer is stronger than a digital one.