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NASA warns that a long winter can hit the space. Record temperatures could be recorded

A long winter and record low temperatures could be felt in space, NASA warns. A space agency researcher says the sunspot activity is extremely low, which will record record temperatures in space. However, the Earth’s climate will not be affected.

“We are seeing a cooling trend,” said Martin Mlynczak of the Langley Research Center, NASA. He added that at a high height of the Earth’s surface, near the border with space, our atmosphere loses heat. If current trends continue, we could soon determine a new record of reduced space temperatures..

According to FoxNews, this phenomenon may affect weather conditions in space, may disrupt communications and navigation systems. Mlynczak and his colleagues have recently introduced the “Thermosphere Climate Index” that measures the amount of nitrous oxide removed in space. The results were provided by NASA’s TIMBER satellite SABER instrument, which monitors infrared emissions from carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

By measuring the infrared light of these molecules, SABER can determine the thermal state of the gas in the upper layer of the atmosphere, a layer called thermosphere. When the thermosphere cools down, it decreases, which makes the atmosphere of the Earth smaller. This slows down the natural decomposition of the garbage and leads to an agglomeration around the planet.