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A meteorite crashed in Botswana. It was observed just a few hours before the impact

A meteorite crashed in Botswana. The impact took place on Saturday night.

A small asteroid called 2018 LA (ZLAF9B2) crashed in Botswana on 06.02.2018, 16:53 UT local time. The object was about 2 meters in diameter and it was observed very late, just 7 hours before it entered the athmosphere.

Researchers at Catalina Sky Survey, Arizona, realized that the meteorite will crash on Earth and they’ve managed to calculate the possible impact areas. Before the impact, the meteorite turned into a fireball that lit the sky. Fortunately, the meteorite was small and did not cause serious damage.

This incident is proof that astronomers can see only larger asteroids. The smaller ones will be observed in the last minute, hours before hitting our planet.