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The Black Shark: Do We Really Need a Gaming Phone?

While a smartphone designed for playing music called Marshall London is being introduced to audiophiles in the US and Europe, gaming phones are gaining ground in countries like China. Xiaomi’s new gaming phone the Black Shark, is the opening salvo in a line of high concept smartphones that could take this growing market by storm. It has some advanced bells and whistles that can provide mobile gamers an upgraded competitive edge over other players.

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The Black Shark gets its street cred thanks to an analog stick controller that can be easily attached to the device. The component snaps into place on one side of the phone. It provides better in-game control compared to maneuvering directly through the touch screen.

The other nifty feature of the Black Shark is “liquid cooling.” This allows gamers to play for prolonged periods without the device heating to an intolerable temperature. The heat-styling pipe cooling solutions built into the device promises a reduction of 8 degrees Celsius.

You’re also provided a “gaming mode” option that allows for maximum performance. Black Shark then tops off the gaming experience with an X-style antenna that guarantees excellent Wifi reception and a snug grip while playing. You can go into full-on battle mode without having to worry if your phone has good reception on its end.

Of course, this is all for nothing if the phone can’t handle good graphics. Video game graphics, even mobile titles, now require high resolution and framerate. Games Radar reports that the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale has visuals that demand a handset that can handle VR-level graphics. In addition, even simple games now feature vibrant animated designs to make the gameplay more engaging. FoxyCasino’s wide array of thematic games including Beowulf, Battle Royale, and Booster all use intricately textured and polished visuals that transport the player to various gaming environments. In other words, the majority of games today rely on graphics to attract and retain players. And only a powerful combination of chipset, memory and GPU can deliver this extra ‘oomph’ for your gaming experience. The Black Shark certainly has that capability, as it is driven by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 with an Adreno 630 GPU. This mighty tandem is supported by either 6GB or 8GB RAM for the 32GB and 64GB variants, respectively. Regardless of your choice, the Black Shark is more than capable of displaying crisp imagery on its 6-inch FullHD+ display.

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With such specs, it’s easy to imagine the Black Shark as a pioneer of a new trend in the industry. As the mobile gaming market grows, the need for more powerful devices will increase, too. It may not be the case just yet, but the world may one day face a demand for gaming smartphones. Xiaomi may not be the first to create one, but the Black Shark is a strong contender in today’s handheld gaming device arena.