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Russian scientists have created a new type of magnet

A team of scientists from the Krasnoyarsk Science Center and the Siberian Federal University has developed a new technique to synthesize a thin-film of ferromagnetic crystal.

The processed membranes can be used especially in electronics. The results of the study were published in the Thin Solid Films journal.

Magnetic coats are tens of hundreds of nanometers thick. The material is composed of ferro-silicon, which contains silicon and iron, with unique optical properties.

Such membranes are used in optical devices as well as in other electronics. They also offer many possibilities for spintronics, an area that seeks to store digital information more effectively than traditional methods.

“Using this technology, one can create spintronic or photonic devices, because iron silicides have properties applicable in these areas of science. Right now we are growing new films and studying the effects that depend on their topology,” said Anton Tarasov, co-author of the article.

To create these devices, scientists had to shape the membranes in various forms. Among great benefits of these new coatings include the compatibility with today’s semiconductors. They can also be created from materials other than silicon, such as germanium.