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Arborosculpture: Beautiful artworks made from living trees.

Richard Reames is a man that has all the time in the world. At least, that what I was first inclined to believe when I saw his tree shaped artworks. Somehow, he managed to bend a common piece of nature to beautiful and unexpected shapes.

Richard managed to share his knowledge on arborsculpture in his 2005 “Arborsculpture: Solutions for a Small Planet” book. He believes that everyone can accomplish such tree shaping projects.

It seems that arborsculpture is not new, stretching back from medieval times. There are tree trunk artists all over the world and if you manage to dive deep into this form of art, you will find other beautiful pieces.

Arborosculpture could also be considered the living architecture. Sometimes it uses flexible roots, molding them into objects with a certain function for both interior and exterior. The chair above is a good example in this regard.

Other times, it is just a piece of art that looks good.

Although these beautiful artworks fit perfectly in the Design section of Scinotions, they are also fitted for the our Nature section.