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Best kids suitcases that you can find on the market right now

As you already know, buying the right suitcase is essential for any kind of trip, especially if you are traveling by plane. There are many factors to consider including its dimension, its weight, its capacity and its durability. The market is packed with various types of such products, so find one that fits your needs should be an easy job.

How to choose the best kids suitcase on the market

I cannot say the same about choosing a suitcase for your kid. Once you get to see all the options that are available on the market, you could get lost quickly in all the details and specifications. Of course, buying a kids suitcase is an intelligent investment, especially if you plan to pick a durable travel bag that does not break after the first trip. Before making the actual purchase, you need to establish what you really need based on the age, the strength and the height of your kid. The market it packed with options, and the easiest and safest way to purchase a new one would be to buy it online from a trusted web store. That way, you can get the best price and you will get to read honest reviews from other customers. But we will get back to this later in the article.

Size & Safety

Let’s face it, even though kids may not pack much in their travels, they are very delicate and they lack the strength to carry large or heavy things. In order for the suitcase to be handled without too much effort, it is recommended to get a light one that has all the features you are looking for. The size of the baggage is an important factor that you should think of when you decide on a purchase. You should look for a light suitcase that is perfect for your child’s height. If you will get one that is too small, your child will endure unnatural body position when carrying it around. If you will get one that is too big, your child may face difficulties handling it. You don’t want to find yourself in one of those cases. By picking the right suitcase for your kid, he will be able to carry it without getting exhausted.

Another important factor that you need to take into consideration when you decide to buy a new suitcase for your kid is the safety. It is recommended to choose a suitcase that doubles as a 2 or 4-wheeled trolley fitted with an ergonomic handle that locks when it’s set to rest. The handle should be light, easy to retract and firmly anchored on the suitcase.

Wheels and zipper

If the trolley is used frequently, the durability of the wheels is essential. Consider getting a silicone wheel suitcase, since it will be more resistant than a plastic wheel suitcase. Make sure to read all the reviews in order to see if the suitcase is durable and easy to carry from one place to another. Besides this, the travel bag should be made of durable material such as ballistic nylon, a much stronger fabric than the polyester. If you want a suitcase that is made from a tougher material, you should not get cheap and look for a brand that is established on the market. The right price, the reviews and the long-term warranty suggest that you just found a high-quality product that will last longer than the average. Make sure you find at least a review that talks about the quality of the suitcase’s zipper. It is preferred to decide on a trolley that has a bigger zipper, since it will not hang or break fast. In my experience, a bigger zipper is easier to use and your kid will have no trouble opening and closing the suitcase when you are not around.

Fabric & Design

Next, make sure you decide on a travel bag that is made of an easy-to-clean material. Traveling is messy, and the suitcase will be dragged through crowded airports, busy buses, dusty streets, rainy weather. It has to endure all these conditions and more. In this regard, you should buy one that is made of a fabric that can be easily wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Oh, and don’t forget about the exterior pockets. Things that can be stored there may come handy when you are on the go.

Finally, get a travel bag that has a pleasant design. When I am referring to the design, I am talking about the color, the shape and most importantly, the pictures. Your kid will love a suitcase that has his favorite cartoon character on the front side, right?

5 Best kids suitcases on the market

Once you have settled on all the specifications and features that are important for your child, you should scout the market and find the perfect kids suitcase that fits your criteria and your budget. In this regard, we have compiled a list with the best kids suitcases that we really love. We truly hope it will help you make the right decision.

1. Goplus 2Pc 12″ 16″ Kids Upright Hard Side Carry On Luggage Set

This luggage is a very original animal shaped suitcase and backpack set, made of a durable Polycarbonate, ABS material and Nylon. Thanks to its outstanding lines and warm colors, it makes the ideal travel companion for your toddler. Having a fashionable and attractive design and practicality all into one, this is a perfect choice when it comes to outdoor activities and traveling with your youngsters. “Goplus 2Pc 12″ 16″ Kids Upright Hard Side Carry On Luggage Set” allows you to enjoy your holiday and teach the kids how to pack and prepare themselves for travel.
With a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this kids suitcase has been a main choice for parents looking for both great design and ease of use in a luggage set, all according to the 82 customer reviews that we have managed to find on Amazon. The package weights 6 lbs, the size of the suitcase is 16″ × 12″ × 8.5″ and the size of the backpack is 12″ × 10″ × 4.7″.
The ergonomically designed telescoping handle is a big plus, making the use even more kid-friendly, due to the height adjusting capabilities. I can say the same for the multi-directional wheels, which will bring a plus of portability and maneuverability


  • Very good size for toddlers
  • It has 360° wheels on the suitcase that are easy to maneuver
  • The suitcase fits under the seat of a small vehicle
  • The rolling luggage bag has an adjustable handle, depending on the height of your child
  • The backpack straps are also adjustable, for a comfortable wear
  • Both the rolling luggage bag and the back pack are light
  • Perfect for a weekend trip
  • Pretty impressive in the price range


  • The surface will scratch easily
  • The plastic coat gets easily removed whenever it’s bumped to uneven surfaces

2. Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage

Are you looking for a fun suitcase? Well, besides the fun factor, this kids suitcase is 100% Polyester, it has a textile lining and a zipper closure. A high percentage of Amazon customers were pleased with the purchase, giving it a 4.4 out of 5 stars. If you head to Amazon, you will find there 64 customer reviews that should convince you that the “Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage” is all about durability and effectiveness. Sporting a height of 19″ and a width of 12″, it offers a comfortable use for the young one.
With the transport wheels, the external retractable handle and top carry handle, your child will be able to easily control the carry-on. The packing size is 17 x 11.5 x 6.5 inches, with external dimensions, including the additional hardware (handles, wheels..), of 19 x 12 x 7.5 inches


  • Festive, catchy and fun design that brights the room
  • The outside pocket holds offers extra space for added items, such as books or clothes.
  • It has a sturdy pull out handle and transport wheels
  • Suited for kids 5-10 years old
  • It is great for overnight trips and 2-3 days holidays
  • Perfect size even for flying low-cost to any travel destination


  • The listing states that it’s size is 19″, but the tag says 17″, so inaccurate description of the product

3. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase

It is difficult for me to decide if this suitcase is suited for a boy or a girl. Most kids love all Disney characters, and Disney Cars / Lightening McQueen is a must if you want to impress. This themed Disney suitcase has been appraised with 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, having 195 customer reviews. It is made in USA, out of a durable canvas material that should withstand even the harshest weather conditions. With zipper closure and front zip compartments, it offers easy usage for your child and enough storage space for all his clothes, toys or whatever you decide to pack in your vacation. As for its dimensions, this suitcase has 10 x 5 x 16 inches. “Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Suitcase” is perfect for a 2-4 years old child that’s found of racing cars. Oh, I forgot to mention that thanks to the cartoonish design, it is not only purposed for travels. It can be used as a home for all the toys in your child’s bedroom, maybe as a home for clothes, pullups, wipes and a stuffed animals. So, you get a 2 in 1 luggage suitcase at a reasonable price. Can’t beat this one! “Ka-Chow!


  • The top portion has a zipper compartment into which items such as toiletries or toys can be placed
  • The handle pulls up and down easily, so it should be easy to maneuver and use by your youngster
  • It is soft and very spacious on the inside
  • Great for cars enthusiasts
  • It can be used as a storage chest
  • The material is of good quality
  • Perfect size for a toddler
  • The details of the luggage design are attention-grabbing


  • The silver rivets in the bottom might fall out
  • The wheels are average

4. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage, Airplane/Train

This colorful and vibrant printed rolling luggage from Stephen Joseph is made of 100% Polyester and has approximately 14.5 inch x 18 inch. With roller wheels, extendable handles and zipper pockets, it makes the perfect companion for your kid when you go for a family trip together. It is a much appreciated model, with 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, and with 321 customer reviews. With “Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Airplane/Train suitcase”, packing will be a fun activity for your kid since it is an eye-catching luggage. The screen printed designs are the focal point of this suitcase and I am sure that everyone will notice it when your kid will carry it around. The roomy inside for all your child’s toys and clothes make this suitcase an excellent bag when it comes to traveling and short trips to the grandparents.


  • It has a bright and fun design
  • It’s the perfect height for little travelers
  • Suited for a short trip (2-3 days)
  • It is spacious
  • It has a good price-quality ratio
  • It features roller wheels
  • It has side and front pockets,designed for easy access to your little one’s favorite toys
  • Appropriate for kids aged 3-7 years old
  • It fits under a plane seat as carry-on


  • It’s not very sturdy, being on the floppy side
  • It doesn’t stay still in an horizontal position
  • It’s not easily wipe-able

5. Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Lola Ladybug

Are you looking to spark your kid’s imagination? This travel buddies set includes a high quality 18″ wheelie suitcase with a matching 13″ hard-shell backpack that captures the best of the nature while still combining versatility and mobility all in one. The fun ladybug shaped luggage set by Trendykid is made from hard-shell abs, it has a hard shell protection, but it is light weighted, so perfect for your small child. The wheelie luggage offers a dual height retractable handle that is adjustable and also offers a hand carry handle. As for the weight, the wheelie is less than 5 pounds and the backpack weighs 1.5 pounds, making it perfect for the young ones to use it on their adventures. The wheels are running smoothly, so no effort on your kid’s part.
The reviews for “Travel Buddies Luggage Set” are great, scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 192 customer reviews.


  • Its finishing and inside design are great
  • It has a high quality build
  • The backpack has an interior pocket
  • The bar for the rolling luggage has the perfect height for the children
  • It is very roomy
  • Can be used in longer trips (4-5 days of holiday)
  • It fits in a plane’s overhead luggage rack


  • It’s functionality is somewhat awkward
  • It can be placed in the higher price range

We truly hope that you enjoyed the kids suitcase list we have compiled for you. In our endeavor to scout for the best kids suitcase on the market, we have tried to evaluate a broader range of products that have different prices and features. But more importantly, we tried to give you the best products based on real customer reviews. Nothing beats that! Just think about it. If you ask one of your friends who is a parent about this topic, you may have an honest opinion from a trusted person, but that opinion is biased. You get to hear his subjective experience with the suitcase he bought for his child and that’s it. One customer will always give you a subjective review, but if you manage to gather and evaluate reviews from multiple customers, you get an unbiased opinion on the product. That is exactly what we have done with the list above and we believe nothing beats this way of getting your facts straight before you decide to press that “Buy it now” button on your favorite online shop. You don’t have to worry too much about the budget, since most of the suitcases we have selected for you are in the $30 – $50 price range. Of course, you can find cheaper ones, but you could find yourself in one of those situations where you pay less for a low-quality product, and we just can’t endorse that.

As I have mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are other factors to consider when you buy such a travel suitcase. You should make sure it is not too small or too large for your kid. Consider the weight since it is an important factor and you should look for included silicone wheels that are sturdy yet easy to use. The handle should be light and easy to retract while the zipper should be larger and easy to open and close. Some parents love to use outside pockets on their bags, some don’t. Again, this all depends on you and your needs.

After you have established all the above, consider what your kid loves. In the end, this may be the most important aspect, especially if he has particular taste in travel luggage. Ask him about the color, the fabric and the images that he would love to have on his suitcase. If he is not sure about it, just show him a few images from the kids suitcase list above and see what he thinks of them. If he is still not sure, try to give him the pros and cons of each suitcase. It may seem like a far fetched idea, but we know from our experience that kids understand these things better than we know. Let him guide you throughout this process.

These kids suitcases are ideal for any kind of trips, family vacations or plane trips. Depending on their description, they are suited for children aged 2 to 7, even though I would not think that a 2 year old toddler is able to keep up the pace with you while you are trying to catch that airplane. In such extreme scenarios, you will have to carry the suitcase for him, but I am sure that any parent already knew that. These suitcases are fun and funny because they feature the most appealing cartoon characters, animals and insects. They have various capacities, so make sure to pick one that has enough inside space. In your travels, your kid needs his clothes but he also needs a few of his toys and gadgets. Most of the suitcases in the list above are fitted with soft rubber wheels, a telescopic handle that opens and closes gently and an inside pocket for storing all kind of accessories. We have hand picked the best brands on the market with the most appealing features, so we have provided a starting point for your search.


All these being said, I am confident that you are now informed on the most important aspects to consider if you decide to upgrade your kid’s travel gear with a new carrying bag. Besides its obvious use to store clothes and other accessories, it becomes an asset that will be loved by the young one. In addition, let’s not forget that such a suitcase could mark an important life lesson for him. Give him something in his care and he should learn to appreciate it and to take care of it. He will learn the value of things and, in return, you will get a happy kid. Let us know which one is your favorite and what suitcase we have missed in our top 5 list in the comment section below.