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China builds the world’s first forest city! The goal of the eco-city is to reduce pollution

Chinese authorities have begun a project that aims to reduce pollution in Liuzhou. The eco-city was designed by the architectural firm called Stefano Boeri Architetti and is a neighborhood that should host about 30,000 people. The metropolis will include homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and schools, and all of the buildings here will be completely covered with plants and trees. The architecture company has made similar plans for Lausanne in Switzerland and Nanjing in China.

The construction of Liuzhou Forest City should start in 2020. The entire project will be able to produce 900 tonnes of oxygen annually, it will absorb nearly 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 57 tonnes of pollutants per year. In this eco-city we will find 40,000 trees and one million plants of over 100 different species. You can consider it an Urban Garden of Eden.

The plants that will completely cover the buildings will help to lower the temperature during summer, it will sound insulate the buildings, it will improve the air quality and will form an ideal habitat for different species of insects, birds and small animals.

In order to close the green circle, solar panels will be used for power supply. With complete autonomy, this could form the base for urban tribes.

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