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Do we live in a hologram? A team of physicists claims to have found evidence to support this hypothesis

Physicists at Southampton University, England, say they have found evidence to sustain the theory that the universe is a three-dimensional illusion of a two-dimensional reality.

According to their finding, it seems to be enough evidence to suggest that the universe is a hologram that’s vast and complex and our perception of life in three dimensions may be just an illusion.

The team took their time to investigate the irregularities that resulted from the Big Bang. They argue that the amount of evidence for this theory is the same as other theories that are trying to explain these irregularities. The idea of us living in a holographic Universe is not new, it was first suggested in the 90s.

Do we live in a hologram

According to the theory, the universe went through several phases. Big Bang is the first phase of the universe, the source of Universe “projection”. Starting from the third disk in the image above, the geometric universe comes into play, which can be described by Einstein’s equations. Even if this was just a long-shot theory in the past, the recent mathematical models suggest that it could be true.

To test this theory, the team studied the features of white noise that has remained since the creation of the universe. The equations showed that if the universe was a hologram, the structure of these irregularities could be explained.

Professor Kostas Skenderis from Southampton University is the physicist who led this research. He reveals that holography is a huge step towards explaining how the universe is structured and how it was created.

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