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10 Technology trends that will affect our lives in 2017

Before advance get too deep into 2017, I have decided to share 10 technology trends that will influence the way we live this year, trends that may have a great impact even beyond 2017. These tech trends overlap in a broad spectrum of cultural developments, society and technology that will define the way we live everyday life, the way we work at the office and the way we buy things next year. Here we go:

1. Technology trends: Minimalism and simplicity

2017 should be the year when we’ll let our first impulses go and we will focus on quality rather than the price. We will fall in love with things that are elegant and minimalist, gadgets and devices that are all about durability, high performance and simple design.

2. Technology trends: On the Internet, age is just a number

Baby Boomers generation accepts and embraces the potential of technology. Being online, learning, creating, working longer and being more conscious about technology in general, we can defy aging assumptions and we can live in a world where age barriers are lifted and everyone can communicate with everyone at the deepest levels. On the Internet, age is just a number, really!

3. Technology trends: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intelligent coaches

Robots and AI, a topic that attracts us and frightens us at the same time. These days, AI does more than learning from our language, This year, AI could reach the level of intelligent coaches based on what it has learned from our behavior.

4. Technology trends: Amplification of feelings

As our activities fall increasingly into daily routine, we use technology to escape this routine and gain new experiences. The experiences of “mixed reality”, which combines virtual reality and augmented reality will help us perceive the entertainment, travel and sports more intense.

5. Technology trends: Story seekers

In 2017, we will use technology to achieve personal development. Through it, we well learn how to harness the best of every minute of our lives.

6. Technology trends: The next generation of portable devices

We will upgrade from monitoring accessories to portable sensors that can detect our mood or physical condition, sensors that will increase the performance and pace of learning. Digital ingestible pills or devices that sound like fiction should enter the market.

7. Technology trends: Family Network

We see the rise of families that are connected to the same network; this way, they will use technology in order to overcome emotional, financial, and even individual challenges.

8. Technology trends: Multisensory experiences

In 2017, we will witness taste, smell and touch being combined with visual stimuli in order to create a multisensory experience.

9. Technology trends: Nanotechnology in our TV

Nanotechnology, particularly quantum dots, will be the next big thing on television segment. We can expect it to generate a revolution in next gen television technology but also in medicine.

10. Technology trends: Silent technology for purifying the mind

Today, we check our smartphones 80 times per day (on average), but the same technology will help us get rid of this act. We must not be silent because we are disconnected. Gadgets such as Gear IconX is a good example in this regard.