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Top 10 smartphones that emit the highest dose of radiation. Find out how dangerous is your smartphone

PhonAndroid website recently published a study on the radiation dose that is emitted by several types of smartphone. When we decide to buy a new smartphone, we are not paying attention to the specific absorption rate (SAR), that number that shows the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted and absorbed by our body.

The lower SAR is, the more safe is the device. Electromagnetic radiation could increase the risk of developing cancer, although no clear conclusion were drawn in this regard. However, it is good to know which are the safest types of smartphones on the market. Here’s the list with some of the most famous smartphones on the market along with their SAR levels. Let’s begin with the safest ones:

Galaxy S7 Edge: 0.264 W / kg
Asus ZenFone 3: 0.278 w / kg
Galaxy A5 2016: 0.290 W / kg
Lenovo Moto Z: 0.304 W / kg
One Plus 3: 0.394 W / kg
Galaxy S7: 0.406 W / kg
HTC 10: 0.417 W / kg
Sony Xperia XA: 0.473 W / kg
Honor 5X: 0.560 W / kg
Galaxy A3 2016: 0.621 W / kg

On the other side, these are smartphone models that emit the highest dose of radiation:

Honor 8: 1.5 W / kg
Huawei P9: 1.43 W / kg
iPhone 7: 1.38 W / kg
iPhone 7 Plus: 1.24 W / kg
Honor 5C: 1.14 W / kg
Sony Xperia X Compact: 1.08 W / kg
Sony Xperia XZ: 0.870 W / kg
LG G5: 0.737 W / kg
iPhone SE: 0.720 W / kg
Sony Xperia X: 0.720.

Any SAR value that is above 2 w / kg is prohibited by the law and it is considered dangerous for the human body. In order to reduce the risk of absorbing this radiation, try to keep the smartphone as far as you can from your body, especially when you are in a call. In this regard, you can use the handsfree function of the smartphone or a pair of headphones.