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How to buy the best ultrabook in 2017

Do you want to put to rest your old laptop and buy a new ultrabook? In this article I will give you some hints that might help you choose the best ultrabook of 2017, the best that’s suited for your needs. The need for portability has made us choose gadgets that are smaller, easily to transport and … appealing. The first small notebooks that were released on the market were not that reliable and they were packed with limited hardware. In many ways, their performances were even lower than today’s tablets. Meanwhile, the market aligned with customers’ needs. Small laptops that were battery efficient with powerful hardware arise and people loved them. Nowadays, you can get a high-end ultrabook with top specs: i7 processors, high speed SSDs and even superior graphic card.

I know, you may say that looks have nothing to do with an ultrabook but I don’t agree with this. Gadgets are an extension of us and, besides their performances, they need to look outstanding. That’s probably the reason why so many people choose Macbook Air or Macbook Pro as their favorite ultrabook. From certain point of view, the Macbook is probably the safest choice, especially if you are not concerned with its price. Dell XPS 13 is another one that should definitely be taken into consideration.

There are a few ultrabooks that have dedicated video card inside, but don’t get any ideas about changing it. It can’t be done! Even so, the new generation of processors from Intel relied heavily on the development of embedded video card and they paid extra attention to its size. On the long-term, we should be able to buy ultrabooks with nanometer processors.

The best ultrabook for gaming in 2017

Let’s face it, you don’t buy an ultrabook for gaming. These small gadgets have been built around portability, they are really thin and they have a pleasant apparence. You will probably be able to play a few games that are not resource-consuming but don’t get your hopes too high. Ultrabooks are not made for gaming! If you want to test the waters in this regard, you should look into Asus Zenbooks UX310UQ (featuring NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX).

How do I choose the best ultrabook 2017?

In my opinion, choosing the best ultrabook in 2017 is a matter of personal preference. Some people love a particular design, others are concerned about the weight or the size of the ultrabook, many are interested about the design. Let’s not forget about the hardware specifications. You will carry this ultrabook everywhere with you and you will probably use it for a long time. Before buying an ultrabook, decide what’s important to you. The best ultrabooks on the market are not cheap, so the price is also an important factor.

At the moment, the market offers a wide variety of ultrabooks having I3, I5, I7 processors, but choosing the one that’s perfect for your budget and your needs could become a difficult task. Many ultrabooks have ULV Ultra Low Voltage ie, consuming very little energy. This is good news especially for those who want a larger autonomy in gadget that’s so small and so light.

Choosing the RAM configuration for an ultrabook

Upgrading the internal hardware components of an ultrabook is sometimes impossible. That’s why I think it’s important to establish which types of apps you will use and how much memory they consume. 4GB might be enough today, but tomorrow’s apps might require additional memory. Be prepared for tomorrow! Choose an ultrabook with at least 8GB of memory.

Choosing the best storage configuration for an ultrabook

All ultrabooks have SSD. I don’t consider that it is that important how much we store on them. You may decide to buy an ultrabook having a 250GB SSD and you’ll end up using only 100 GB. These days, everything is in the cloud. But if you are working with larger files and you need additional space, get one that has a higher capacity SSD. Again, find the ultrabook that’s perfect to your needs.

Other features

Full HD Webcam, Bluetooth, card reader, 3G or 4G connection, USB 3.0 or 3.1 port need to be present to a lower or a higher degree. If you need the ultrabook for presentations, take that into consideration and get one that features an HDMI port. You will not find a VGA port on today’s ultrabooks, so if you will use the ultrabook with an older display or projector, it’s imperative to get an adapter. Get an ultrabook that features a FULL HD display. Even better, get one that features an ULTRA HD display with IPS technology or OLED technology. Also, you need to pay close attention to the battery life on these small gadgets. For example, Asus Transformers 300 Chi will last up to 5 hours per charge and Macbook Air will last 10 hours per charge.

What is the best ultrabook in 2017?

The best ultrabook is the one that’s perfect for you. I can recommend a huge list of products, but that will not help you that much. Make a list with the things that are important for you and choose the ultrabook that fits that list. Good luck!