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Third World War: Top 10 safest countries in the world that could shelter you

Last year we have witnessed tense events that could have burst to a large scale conflict, possibly the a Third World War. Are we prepared for such an event? Our primal instinct, the survival, tells us that we must find a safe place to take cover and wait until the conflict wears off. But if such a global conflict happens, is there a place that could offer shelter for you? Here are the safest countries in the world that could save your life in in case of a Third World War.



Switzerland is a country that’s recognized worldwide for its neutral position in the past world wars. But don’t get tricked by this detail, Switzerland is a well-armed country, and its mountains are packed with military facilities. If such a large-scale conflict would break out, the refugees could shelter in the Swiss Alps.



This small island nation is located in an isolated area of the Pacific Ocean. Due to its small size (only 26 km²), very small population and lack of significant natural resources, Tuvalu is not a threat to the neighboring countries and it could save your life in the case of a major event.

Taktsang Monastery - Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan


Bhutan’s territory is surrounded by the Himalayas, which can provide shelter in case of conflict. Since 1971, when Bhutan acceded the UN, the country has adopted a neutral position, just like Switzerland. Image source: Peter West Carey

New Zealand

New Zealand

This is one of the most developed countries in the world. Just like Switzerland, New Zealand has a rich alpine relief, which can serve as shelter for the refugees of war. Image source: CCBI New Zealand



Chile is one of the most prosperous countries that’s found on the South American continent, and its territory is surrounded by the Andes. If a disastrous event happens, pack your bags and head to this beautiful country! It could save your life. Image source:



This country is located on a Mediterranean island having the same name. History has taught us that over the past centuries, many empires have tried to conquer this island. Due to its small size, Malta is not a threat to other countries and could save your life in case of a Third World War. Image source:



Although Denmark is part of NATO and its territory is exposed to immigration flows, the Danish State has an ace up his sleeve. It controls the Greenland, a place that can be used as a shelter in case of major conflict.



Iceland is known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The Icelandic State has no borders with any country and will probably shelter many people in case of a possible disastrous events. Image source: Wikipedia

Dunluce Castle


Although it is a developed country, Ireland has no political ties with any country that might get involved in a major world conflict. Even more, this country has a long tradition of military neutrality and pose no risk in case of a Third World War.



Fiji is an island nation that is located in the Pacific Ocean. Having a small population and no political or military interests, it poses no threat in case of war, so you can place it on your escape routes in case of war.

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