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VoIP Studio, a cloud hosted BPX solution

Following my last article on the future of communication, we have received couple of emails asking about the best communication service that has all the features needed in a large company, that’s suitable for remote connections via Internet and, of course, that’s affordable and easy to setup. So, I started the 1-day journey to scout the market, hoping to find a service that features all these criteria in one place. As you can imagine, the market is flooded with such services, some of them obscure, some of them really popular (Skype), some that are on the verge of becoming the next big thing. After reading reviews on multiple websites and forums, after consulting some of my friends from the tech world and after looking on social networks, I decided to conclude my search with a service called VoipStudio. The service was designed by Level 7 Systems, a UK based company that’s focused on creating light, robust and reliable communication solutions and it really made an impression on me.

Just as I said in a previous article called “A short study on the future of communication“, the face of communications is reshaping as we speak, and there is a large demand for services that contain multiple applications that are important to the customer. All of them need to be packed and offered as a single scalable service. Over the last years, business owners understood that the hosted business solutions like VoIPStudio makes the experience personal, reliable and extremely easy to adapt to the company’s configuration. All the services are delivered through a single line, offering a large package of business class apps that will elevate the productivity of any company to complete new levels.

VoIPStudio is a cloud hosted BPX solution that combines multiple features, offers many advantages and it’s really affordable (compared to its direct competitors). Most of the customers that have tried this service were really pleased, and I can say that my 1-day experience with it was just enough to convince me to try it for a longer period of time. This service is worth your time and your money, and let me tell you why I think this. The customer service is fast and you will find enough tutorials on Youtube to get you started. With VoIPStudio app, I was able to make and receive calls, to add new extensions that were according to my needs, to create my own calling profiles and pickup groups. The interface is really intuitive and offers everything you need in one place. Simple as that.

Besides all these technicalities, you should know that it is flexible, and its documentation suggested that it’s able to grow according with the business needs of any company. There are different packages to choose from. I forgot to ask the consultant about the coverage, but the official website mentions that the service is available in 50 countries all over the world. This means that the user will have coverage in over 4000 cities, including the major ones.

I hope that this article will help those that asked for the information and others that are interested about the topic.

What’s your favorite VoIP service?

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