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7 things I love about my Samsung Galaxy S5

As you may know, I’m the (proud) owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5, a device that I use for almost 2 months now. Although in the beginning I had mixed feelings about it, things changed over time. Using it day by day, I learned to appreciate features that seemed awkward or uncomfortable at first. So, in this article I will share 7 things I love in my Galaxy S5 along with a brief description for each.

1. The size

They say size do matter, and I definitely agree with that. Having a larger smartphone could seem like a bad idea if you are always on the move, but a smartphone with a bigger display has its advantages: you will see more items on the display, the Internet browsing experience is superior and watching videos is made at another level.

2. The display

As you may know, Galaxy S5’s display creates vivid colors at a pixel density of 432 ppi. Images never looked this good, not even on the iPhone 5s. I can’t speak on the gaming experience because I’m not a gamer (at all), but most tech magazines agree that the S5 produces images that seem to pop out the screen.

3. The camera

This was the main reason I’ve chosen the Galaxy S5 over the HTC One M8. The 16 MP main camera captures spectacular images and the video function is capable of 4K recording. Too bad I can’t say the same about the secondary camera. It has its flaws… but that’s a story for another day.

4. The headphones

I was an iPhone user for a long time and switching to SGS5 was a bold move. You can imagine how strange the headphones seemed in the first few weeks. They felt annoying and extremely invasive. Now, I appreciate the sound immersion offered by them, and the audio quality is definitely louder and clearer than Apple’s counterpart… All you have to do is … listen!

5. The Health : apps and features

Maybe this is not new, but my old iPhone didn’t had the pedometer or the heart rate monitor. I love these features and I’m using them now on a daily basis. For example, today, at the office, I used the pedometer to see how many steps I take on a casual day of work. Pretty cool..

6. Build quality

Although the S5 is not necessarily the best looking smartphone on the market, I’ve been watching some videos where it was dropped on the ground from high distances and… guess what? The screen survived the drop and the device worked just fine.

7. The Ultra Power Saving Mode

I’ve used this mode only twice in two months, but I have to tell you it saved me from a lot of trouble. Basically, it reduces the power consumption to minimum: the display goes black & white and the graphic interface transforms into a something rudimentary and ancient, allowing you to use only the basic functions (call, messages, calculator, clock and… Internet). But the estimated working time goes from 20-30 minutes of usage (12% battery) up to 1.5 days of usage. That’s a huge difference!

Bonus: The remote control

In case you didn’t know, the Galaxy S5 features a remote control sensor along with a suited app that allows you to control almost every device on the planet. I’ve tried it on my parents’ old and “no-name TV”, on a strange looking DVD set and basically on everything else. It worked like a charm. This may come in handy when you don’t find your remote in your living room or when you want to show off in front of your friends.

So, this is it guys! I hope that this article will shed a positive light on the Galaxy S5 and may convince some of you to try it for couple of months (at least). If you are thinking on buying this device, you may use these pro arguments when you decide, but you should also take your time to read my article on why I don’t like the Galaxy S5. Nothing is perfect, and the SGS5 has its flaws…