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10 predictions about the year 2025

If you ever wondered how the near future will be like, you should read the following predictions made by a team of analysts at Thomson Reuters. According to their report based on current trends and technology, in 11 years we should experience a whole different world, with radical changes that will affect our life (for the good).

By taking into consideration the current global data, the analysts have estimated that quantum teleportation will by possible by 2025. Also, the pilot license will be just as common as the driving license. The digitization of the world will enter a next phase and everything will be connected to everything, even the household appliances.

In order to achieve these predictions, the analysts have identified areas of development in the field science, according to popular topics on the Thomson Reuters Web of Science. They have also payed close attention to various tech and science fields where most patents and inventions were reported, thus observing the areas where there is more research. In those specific fields there is a higher chance for surprising discoveries to occur.

One of the most important predictions about the next decade is the growth of solar energy, since it is estimated to be main energy source by 2025.

Here are the top 10 predictions about the year 2025:

1. We’ll have fewer cases of dementia, since doctors will focus the research in this direction, trying to discover the disease in its early stages..

2. Solar power becomes the main source of energy.

3. Type I diabetes can be prevented, just as several other disorders, because the human genome will be modified by using molecular engineering.

4. There will be no more food shortage or high prices on food. Thanks to the new technologies and the genetically modified crops, everything will be affordable and we’ll spend less on the things we eat.

5. Traveling by air will be as common as using the elevator to reach the higher levels of a building. Getting a pilot license will be as easy as getting a driver’s license these days.

6. The entire world will be connected digitally. The electronic devices in our homes will respond to any command.

7. We’ll no longer use the petroleum-based packages. Everything will be derived from cellulose, 100% biodegradable.

8. Treatments for cancer will have far fewer side effects because the drugs will be dosed more accurately and they will act more effectively throughout the human body.

9. At the birth of each new baby, a DNA map will be created. It will be used to identify hidden diseases or to anticipate and prevent their inception. Similarly, every year, this DNA map will be updated by scheduled tests.

10. Though teleportation (as we understand it) will not be possible, further progress in the field of quantum teleportation will be made, involving the transportation of more “exotic” matter.

All these predictions make me anxious about experiencing them. …can’t wait to meet the future.

Sources: Science Watch