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Star Trek inspired mansion for sale

Most rich entrepreneurs from the online environment are actually geeks and hardcore fans of sci-fi series. That’s the case with Marc Bell, the owner of the notorious FriendFinder social network. He managed to fulfill a long time dream by building an unique house in Florida.

Star Trek House (4)

Bell is a fan of Star Trek for a long time and he has transformed parts of his house into the Enterprise ship.

Star Trek House (2)

As you can see, the screening room and the bar were inspired directly from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. Everything was redecorated to the smallest detail in order to resemble the decor of the beloved sci-fi series. As a bonus, he also added Picard’s arch nemesis near the bar (a Borg statue).

Star Trek House (3)

But the Star Trek inspired rooms are not the only ones worth seeing. There is a console gaming room that looks just awesome and a huge arcade room where anyone can find the joy for at least couple of hours.

Star Trek House (6)

Star Trek House (7)

Star Trek House (8)

Star Trek House (10)

If you like this house and you have lots of money, you can actually buy it for $35 millions. Anyone interested?

Star Trek House (9)

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