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7 Things I hate about my Samsung Galaxy S5

If you got a chance to read my previous article where I compared the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5, you know that I had to choose between these two top-notch smartphones. Finally, after comparing the pros and cons of both devices, I went for the Samsung Galaxy S5. I love the smartphone and its features, but it’s far from perfect. So, before sharing the reasons why I love this smartphone, I thought it would be a great idea to share the reasons why I’m not so found of it.

7 Things I hate about my Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Slow charging via USB cable
Although the smartphone charges really fast when it’s connected to its original charger, I can’t say the same thing about charging it from a computer via USB cable. That way, the process is slow and painful. If you are using the S5 while you charge it through USB, you won’t even notice a rise in the battery levels. It’s that slow…

2. The fingerprint sensor
Compared to the iPhone’s sensor, the fingerprint sensor on the S5 is awful. In 8 of 10 cases of trying to unlock the device, it will not recognize my fingerprint on the first try. And that’s bad for a feature like this…

3. No flashlight button on the quick menu
Maybe I’m comparing this feature with the one found on the iOS 7’s Control Center, but for me, the flash light was/is important and I’m using it all the time in various situations. You can understand my surprise to find out that there is no way to add it to the main screen of Galaxy S5 without installing additional apps.

4. The audio speaker
When I bought this smartphone, I knew that the sound system was not great, but when you actually get the chance to test it, you will learn that is not even in average league. The small external speaker located on the rear of SGS5 produces sounds at various levels and depths, because your hand will interfere with the sound waves when you are using it, and this variation can be really annoying. Also, if you place it on a flat surface, you will notice another change in the quality of the sound. I was really disappointed about this detail, but things don’t stop here. Let’s talk about the…

5. Headphones
I’m not particularly found of the audio quality of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s headphones, but I can’t say they are bad either. The only problem is the remote control on the headphones’ wire. There is no way to play the previous song using a button combination. For example, on other similar devices, when you click two times on the “play” button on the wire remote you will go to the next song, and when you click it three times, you will get to hear the previous song. On SGS5, I couldn’t find a way to play the previous song without taking my smartphone out of my pocket.

6. The main camera sticks out
Houston, we have a problem! Samsung really messed this feature up so bad that there are no words to describe it. How could they add create a feature that’s so important for users (the 16MP camera) and let it unprotected? As you may now, the main camera on the Samsung Galaxy S5 sticks out on the back of the phone, making it vulnerable to shocks and surface scratches. This means that without a proper case for your S5, you should not place it on any flat surface like a table with the face up, because the camera’s protective glass will scratch or even crack.

7. The lag of TouchWiz
This smartphone was supposed to compete at the best smartphone of 2014 and still, when you are using it for a day, you notice a lag in the system. Most users agree that the TouchWiz interface is a bit sluggish and outdated and Samsung should have opted for something else. See the video comparison between lag on the HTC One and the SGS5 here.

Bonus: Touch/buttons sensitivity
If you read the #2 reason on this list, you may think that the buttons are too slow and they don’t capture your push. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They are way too oversensitive and they will capture actions even when you don’t want to. And this issue appears in the worst possible moments.

So, this is my list of things I hate about Galaxy S5. I’m not saying the S5 is a bad device, and I’m really pleased with my choice. But few things could have been better, and Samsung could have payed more attention to some details that are really important for the customers. What’s your most annoying issue with Samsung Galaxy S5?

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