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Talon 2.0: A father Creates a Prosthetic Hand for His Son

Here comes another news about 3D printing! This week, we have to honor the work of a man named Peter Binkley, a public school teacher. For the love of his son, Peregrine Hawthorn, Peter embarked on a journey to design a prosthetic hand from scratch. They say the love of a parent knows no limit and this story proves exactly that.

Using the open source work of Ivan Owen and Richard Van As, Peter managed to build the artificial hand by printing the parts on a Solidoodle 3D printer. The result is a prosthetic hand called Talon 2.0 that will help his son, Peregrine, to perform daily tasks without much difficulty.

Although there is much room for improvement in the design and functionality, it is heartening to see that a father with no real knowledge in engineering (he’s a French teacher for over 10 years) managed to use today’s technology in order to create such an advanced prosthetic. This story, just like Scott Summit’s work, brings great hope for tens of thousands of patients who can use the 3D printing technology for similar purposes. If you want to read more about Peter’s journey into developing this artificial arm, take your time to watch the video below:

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