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“Outernet” Project: Free Internet for everyone

“Outernet” is a bold project that could revolutionize the way we connect to the Internet. According to its founders, this service will use space technologies and it will provide free Internet access for everyone on the planet. Yes, you read it correctly: for everyone on the planet.

The project involves the use of small satellites that will orbit the entire planet that will send and receive data from ground stations, just like a router. The Outernet Project will offer unlimited connectivity for free, and it will be very easy to access. Also, the service will be optimized for both fast speed and long distances.

The small satellites that will be used for the projects are called CubeSats and they will be launched at the beginning of 2015. The transfer of information will be performed using the datacasting, a technology that involves the use of radio waves for a wider broadcast. Using these methods, the company will provide Internet access to all the devices equipped with a WiFi module: laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart sticks.

Outernet 2

The “Outernet” has another purpose: to provide a safe and secure service for each user that’s connected to the network . Also, the founders promise a censorship-free environment.

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