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The Miracle Machine: The device that turns your will into … wine

I hope that you will not get too mad because I tweaked the description in order to bring homage to a comic-magazine device that was first introduce in the DC Comics Universe back in the 70s. That device had the power to convert thoughts into reality, just like this real Miracle Machine that will transform water (and a pack of ingredients) into harmless but tasty wine.

According to Kevin Boyer, the man in charge of the project, the resulting wine is just as good as the wine that costs 20 dollars per bottle. The difference is that it will cost you only $2 to make and that’s the price of the kit that contains grape concentrate, yeast and additional ingredients. Philip James, a British winemaker, is also involved in the project so you know they mean real business and that the resultant wine is of high quality.


The company that produced the device did not revealed the complete process by which the water and ingredients turns into wine, but they said that the fermentation takes place in a room of the container that features sensors and heat sources. The users can monitor the wine “manufacture” process using a special smartphone app that’s available both for iOS and Android devices.image sources: