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How to keep your brain in good shape with mind games

A recent study argues that adults can perform various exercises that will train the brain, thus obtaining benefits that could delay the inevitable brain deterioration. This finding suggests that we might be able to prevent various health problems associated with getting older.

The study included around 2,800 participants and it was the largest and longest of its kind. Before this test, scientists were trying to find a link between playing mind games and age related cognitive decline, especially for elder folks. However, the number of studies that managed to came up with a real conclusion regarding the beneficial effects in the long term was very small. Those mind games are out there on the Internet, and some of them are really fun.

The study followed a different approach, since there were tests were carried out by using paper and pencil mind games. This way, the participants were training their ability to solve problems using patterns of numbers and letters. Computer mind games were also used in order to test the participants’ ability to quickly distinguish various objects on the display. The results of the experiment promised a new hope for the elders: 3/4 of the participants who performed the reason training and rapid information processing training have felt the benefits of the experiment even 10 years after the event.

Sharon Tennstedt from New England Research Institutes says that the training helped the participants carry out daily activities better, faster and more focused than before. In other words, an individual who was 80 years old felt like at 70. Tennstedt believes that if this mental workout has such impact the cognitive functions of the brain, then it may also have a potential to delay or even mitigate dementia. Further research must be done in this field, but we can expect to see mind games that are created for the purpose of prolonging the good health of the human brain.

If you plan to train your brain in order to keep it in good shape, you should check websites like There you will find mind games that will train your ability to solve problems, to focus, to think faster and to be agile in every situation. If you don’t have time to stay in front of the computer, you can use mind games that are specially designed for smartphones. The Apple Store and Play Store are packed with such games and many of them can be installed for free.

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