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How much sugar is in Coca-Cola?

When we go to the movies we always order snacks and coke in order to have the complete package of visual, sound and taste. But wouldn’t be interesting to know exactly how much sugar is in that cup of Coke? If you are really thirsty and you get the big cup then you should know that your body will digest 44 teaspoons of sugar. If you are going safer with the smaller cup, you are still getting 23 teaspoons of sugar from it. The president of the “Coca-Cola” Europe recently faced Jeremy Paxman, a bold interviewer from BBC that asked about the amount of sugar found in the most famous soft drink on the planet. Although there are people who do not know how much sugar it is served in a glass of Coca-Cola, the head of the company claims that all their products are properly labeled.

The recommended amount of sugar consumption per day is around 50 grams. That means 10 sugar cubes for adults and older children and 9 cubes for children of 5 to 10. I’m not saying you should avoid such soft drinks, but rather that you should be aware of what you are drinking. And since we are on this particular topic, you should probably see the Super Size Me documentary about the fast food industry. It will give you a new perspective on things…

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