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The best Black Friday deals in 2013

You don’t need to speak a language as long as you speak “money”. Maybe I should have started this article differently, but if we talk about Black Friday 2013 then we really need to talk about money. Let’s face it: money is the only reason this event became so popular in US. Not only that, a lot of countries all over the world adopted this American holiday, since customers were so eager to empty their wallets in order to get the best deals.

The electronic commerce market will exceed a trillion dollars in few years so we can only expect that online services to get better and faster. We love to shop online since is more comfortable, it’s faster and in most cases, it’s cheaper. On the Internet there is a big advantage: we can compare the prices instantly and we can get the best deals just by opening few websites. And when it comes to the best electronic deals, nothing compares with the Black Friday. Here are some of the best deals that you should look for this year, on 29th November.


Black Friday deals 2013 in electronics

Black Friday Amazon Deals. When it comes to deals, there is nothing better than Amazon. They already have all sort of promotions in every day of the year, so you can imagine that on 29th November you will be able to get a lot of gadgets at half the price. There will be a lot of orders from all customers, so you need to hurry and see their offer now. According to Adam Littler, an undercover BBC journalist that worked at Amazon during this time of year, the warehouses of 75.000 square meters are packed, and the workers are ready to send the items to the customers.

Black Friday Walmart Deals. This year, Walmart has prepared a lot of laptops, tablets, software and memory storage solutions at great prices. According to various sources, there will be a guaranteed stock of iPad mini, and I suspect that this will be the main attraction. Like every year, a lot of customers will camp all night in the front of the physical store in order to get their hands on the cheapest products they can find. Be aware, it’s better to pay that extra quarter in order to get a better product…

Black Friday Best Buy Deals. The frenzy has started. You can buy iPads, Samsung HDTVs, Laptops, Tablets, Blu-Ray movies, smartphones, photo cameras and lots of gadgets at amazing prices. You can save between $20 and $400, depending on the product.

Black Friday Apple Deals. Each year, Apple organizes various promotions in its stores, and this year the company announced its intention to offer products at reduced prices. All you have to do is check their local store in your city and their website.

I’m sure that there are many other shops that offer great Black Friday Deals in 2013, but I always like to choose the most trusted ones. This way, you know that you’ll get great customer support, safe warranty and the best deals. Some of these shops offer free shipping, and that counts for something, right? ComScore estimates that total sales in the electronic commerce will exceed one trillion dollars by 2015, a significant increase from 200 billion dollars recorded eight years ago.