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3D Printer with two-tone printhead seen on KickStarter

Zim 3d printer is a Kickstarter project developed by Zeepro. They took the conventional 3D printer technology one step further, adding the two-tone printhead and WiFi / Ethernet connectivity! In addition, this small printer also offers the possibility to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet (Android / iOS) and you can watch the state of the 3D print with a small camera that’s onboard.

3D Printer

Zim can print with a fine resolution of 80 microns per layer and a printing volume of 205 cubic inches (5.9 “x5.9” x5.9 “). It prints 3D objects at a speed up to 110 mm / s in ABS or PLA. Zim 3D Printer is still in development, and it will need to gather $ 300,000 before seeing mass production. If that will happen, you’ll be able to have it in March 2014 (if you pay the $599 fee)…