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Scientists have discovered the protein that triggers asthma

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston managed to induce allergic reactions to subjects (mice) by using proteins found in mold. This finding could help finding better asthma treatments in the future.

According to their finding, the protein that helps blood to clot is the same protein that triggers asthma. This finding could help in the future discovery of asthma treatments. Scientists are trying for quite some time to find the ultimate cure for asthma, a disease that it’s affecting so many people all over the world.

According to current knowledge, breathing difficulties, dizziness and coughing symptoms of asthma are caused by this dust, mold and pets. The discovered protein is called fibrogenic protein and it triggers asthma by creating a barrier for breathing. According to Dr. Corry, the man in charge, asthma is an automated protective reply of human organism to fungi.

This new found protein may become a warning and a detector of pathogen elements of asthma that can not be detected by conventional methods. Even if the discovery is not necessarily a breakthrough in this medical field, the investigations on which triggers allergic asthma seizures continues.