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LG will launch a smartphone with a density 538 pixels per inch

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 4 with Retina Display, everyone is trying to create the ultimate smartphone with the best pixel density. So far, the most praised smartphones in terms of PPI are the iPhone 5 with a pixel density of 326, Galaxy S4 with 441 PPI and HTC One with 468 PPI. Now, LG tries to enter this fast-paced competition with a new smartphone that will feature 538 PPI.

LG 538 pixel density

LG recently introduced a 5.5” smartphone with a AH-IPS LCD that will feature a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (Quad HD). There is no official name for this device (so far), but if the numbers are correct we are talking about a smartphone with 538 pixels per inch, which means that this new device from LG will overtake the first place in terms of smartphone displays.

According to the official press release, the new display is just 1.21 mm thick with 1.2mm bezel, so we are talking about a really slim display. I will say that I’m a bit frustrated that this upcoming LG smartphone has a higher resolution than my Smart TV.