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Magic Windows: a new video chat technology from Microsoft

The company founded by Bill Gates developed a new system for video messaging where the screen features touchscreen technology that allows you to write or draw things to your chat partner.

Magic Windows
With so many instant messaging applications that are available today, it is getting more difficult than ever to bring out something new. However, Microsoft has found a way to attract more attention than its competition. Their new technology is based on the fact that the human sight is “stereo”, and head movement is tracked and processed by the new technology.

According to Steve Bathiche from Microsoft, the new technology has the ability to change the image according to the head movement, thus creating the feeling that the screen is actually a simple window. In order to create this service, Microsoft has used the same technology found in the Kineck device. The chat partner will be observed by the two cameras with motion sensors that tracks his eye.

The new technology is not fully developed. If the user looks down or looks away from the screen, the chat partner may observe a strange moving image on his side of conversation. One of the coolest features of this system is the interactive writing/drawing. If one of those in conversation writes a word on the screen with a special marker, this word is translated (if necessary) and transmitted “on the other side of the screen”, so the other person can read it read it easily.