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Area 51 is real. America’s biggest secret is confirmed

There were so many rumors and speculations about Area 51 that people got bored about this topic and decided to let the it slide without even thinking about it. Now, a new 407 pages document released by CIA reveals information about the secret military aircraft.

Area 51

The military base known as Area 51 was the topic of so many Hollywood movies and the starting point of never ending discussions between technology enthusiasts and UFO fans. Now, after 60 years, the CIA confirms that the Aria 51 is real. According to the “Atlantic Wire”, this confirmation appears in a declassified document obtained by George Washington University’s National Security Archive

Area 51_2

The document released by the CIA does not include any information about creatures that would come from another planet or any supranatural event. According to it, the project started as a spy monitoring program created after World War II.

The name proposed for this base was the “Paradise Farm”, but it has remained in the minds of popular culture as Area 51. It is the first time that any official US agency officially recognize the existence of this place, and although no confirmation was made on aliens or spaceships, I’m sure that conspirationists will tear the document apart, finding “hidden clues” that will support their theories.

source: Atlantic Wire