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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 launch date: September 10, 2013

According to anonymous sources cited by AllThingsD, the next iPhone smartphone will be revealed in one month because the iPhone 5 launch date is set on September 10, 2013.  This could hardly be called a big surprise, since the previous generation of iPhone was announced last year in the same period.


What should you expect from this Apple event?

The main star of the release show will be the iPhone 5S, the next generation Apple smartphone. At this time, the rumors that are circulating on the Internet about the new iPhone include features as the fingerprint scanner which could be implemented within the Home button, the new Apple A7 processor, a better camera, dual LED flash and a battery with a higher capacity. If these features will be implemented or not, we’ll find out in one month.

Apple is not the ultimate leader in terms of smartphone sales since Samsung and HTC are trying really hard to come up with great devices like S4 and HTC One. By now, Apple should have realized that their flagship device needs a sidekick that will fight in the mid-range smartphone competition. According to recent speculations, on the same launch date we could see for the first time a mid-range device from Apple, the cheaper iPhone called iPhone 5C.


If September 10 is the official iPhone 5 launch date, in the same day we’ll be able to install the 7th version of iOS on our iPhone and iPads. The iOS 7 was advertised as the most radical iOS so far, because everything was redesigned and re-imagined.  It contains many new features, and it underwent several changes since the first beta release.

source: AllThingsD

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